Friday, December 28, 2012


Family is returning home. The gifts are being found places to belong in our house.  The Christmas decorations are being put away in the garage. Another year is coming to a close.

And still I have one gift to open.

It sits in a small box in a drawer of my desk. It's wrapped in shiny red paper and tied up with a bright green bow. I know what's inside because I wrapped it myself.  The gift tag says, "To Jo, From Yourself."  Inside, lovingly placed in a white box, is a single piece of pale pink paper with two simple words.

"Walk Away."

That is my gift to myself. Permission to walk away.

To walk away from friendships that aren't friendships.
To walk away from guilt trips, both the ones placed on me by others and the ones I place on myself.
To walk away from needless drama and chaos that doesn't actually affect me.
To walk away from the unloving expectations and the heartless words.
To walk away from making myself into someone I'm not so that I will be accepted by people I don't actually like.

Even just a slice of this permission is an amazing thing filled with great peace and happiness. I've tasted it.

I know.


  1. I walk away all the time and that is why people either like me or hate me. There is no in between. Authenticity is a fabulous gift to yourself and will make you truly, truly happy.

    1. I am constantly in the throes of guilt tripping myself over walking away... but I feel strongly about being more firm about that. It's okay to need to walk away.

  2. I have had to walk away too and it is not easy to want and run back, but I am glad I finally threw it down and walked away , your post have touched me.. (Been super emotional , blaming it on being sick!!)

    1. :) Being emotional is a good thing... It's strength to admit those emotions, not weakness.

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