Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hard Words to Say

These are hard words to say and sometimes I just don't know how to say them. Or sometimes, I'm worried that, if I say them, you won't hear them right or you'll hear the wrong tone and you won't understand what I'm trying to say in the first place.

So I say different words. And we talk about different things. Because the things I really want to say are too hard, too fraught with danger, too untrustworthy.

But, the hard words are still there. They haven't gone anywhere and there are parts of me that still need to say them. That still need to be heard. So I bury those parts and I bury those words and we don't talk about the things.

Because they are hard to say.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Safe in the Harbour: Following Your Own Dreams

When I got involved with being a Celtic Thunder supporter, I was a passionately exuberant fan. There were a lot of reasons for that - some of them personal, some of them less so. But, one thing that drew me was that there was something quite inspiring and rewarding about watching someone achieve their dreams. Real life Cinderella stories played out in people I'd actually spoken with.  Perhaps, it's something of what draws us to watching shows like American Idol and the like, too. Very simply, it was a fun thing to be involved in.

And involved, I was. I threw myself headfirst into participating, supporting, and promoting in any and every way that I could. I was delighted if those things contributed in any way to the success of the artists I admired. And even if they didn't, I was thrilled just to see those people succeed, anyway. In many ways, there was nothing wrong with that delight. Wanting to see others achieve their dreams is a good thing.

One of the members released his first solo album a couple years ago, and on it, he covered a song called "Safe in the Harbour" that began to really speak to me.

"Some men are sailors, but most are just dreamers
Held fast by the anchors they forge in their minds.
In their hearts they'll know they'll never sail over deep water
To search for a treasure they're afraid they won't find.
"So, in sheltered harbours, they cling to their anchors
Bank down their boilers and shut down the steam
And they wait for the sailors to return with their treasures
That will fan the dull embers and fire up their dreams."

Every time I heard it, it nagged at my heart. And I ignored it - because listening meant change. But, when I could ignore it no longer, I began to understand what it meant for me. You se, that well-intentioned desire to see people I barely knew attain success had become my personal top priority. It was what I worked for. Their success had become mine - only it wasn't true.

For as fun and rewarding as it was to see their dreams come true (and it was), the truth was that their dreams weren't mine. I had my own artist's heart burning within my chest. But, by throwing my all into fanning the embers of someone else's fire, I was pouring buckets of water onto my own. There was simply nothing left for me.

There is great value in supporting each other's dreams. We should all be doing that for each other. Supporting, encouraging, sharing each other sensibly when we can and helping each other up when we fall. But, we each are given a burning purpose in our hearts and souls, and they are each weighted with value. When we douse our own flames to make someone else's more valuable, we insult the impact that we were meant to have.

It's not a bad thing to support someone else, and I don't mean to communicate that there is. There is good in that and likely none of us would see much success if we didn't share that support. But, I was wrong in how far down that road I allowed myself to go. I dishonoured my own passions and talents. I disrespected my own dreams and value. And those were wrong things.

Balance is a good thing. Support each other, but follow your own dreams, too. Not just someone else's.

Friday, November 22, 2013

I Thought I Would Be Different

I thought I would be different...  when I got through it all.
And I was. I was different.
I saw things different. I said things different. I felt things different.

But I was the same, too. I had the same past and the same face and the same pain and the same happy.
and I wasn't really sure how to be both.  To be both the same and different.
Perhaps I'm still not sure.

I'm still the same. And I'm still different.
But I don't always know which I want to be.

And I guess that's okay. It's okay to have changed.  And it's okay to have not changed.
And it's okay to be both. and it's okay to not be sure which I am at a given moment.

It's even okay that I see things in me that maybe others haven't seen yet.
It's okay that I'm not always who people think I am.

This "becoming" business isn't always pretty. There are stops and starts and they don't always make sense.
It's a twisty topsy-turny road...  but honestly, I wouldn't want to be on another.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Great Thief

Where you've been isn't necessarily where you're going.

Are you one to focus too much on what's happened in the past?  I definitely am, and so I am probably the single worst person in the world to preach on this.  I have walked through this lesson more times than I can count, and most likely, I will walk through it again a countless more before I really internalize it.

But, what I learn over and over is that focusing on the past only robs us from being able to focus on the present, and in doing so, we miss our future. That's too much to miss.

Sometimes what has come before is so haunting. There is pain and regret, what-could-have-been's and choices you wish you had made. There are words that were spoken, some by you, some by them - and sometimes those words just hang about in the air, a whisper in your ear of what things you can't seem to walk away from.  And so I understand when the past seems too heavy to escape.

But, if you can walk out from underneath its weight, and if we can do that together...  there is much waiting for us here. There is beauty and sunshine and... just life to be lived! People to meet, experiences to be had, relationships to enjoy.

Don't let your past steal your future.  Let it go... and embrace what is here.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Tales: The Clock Tower

I looked out the window and I watched the hands move on the clock across the courtyard.  Minute by minute, they ticked away.

I'd always knew this day was come. When I got involved, I knew what could happen. But somehow, I never thought it would happen to me. Like I was immune from the risks inherent in the situation. Sure, I knew others who had fallen. But me?  Never. I don't think it really ever entered my mind that I would somehow ever be here in this room, facing what I'm facing today.

I thought I was superhuman.  But, as it turns out, I'm just normal-human.

The hands ticked again.  Up to 12.  There was a pause, as if the clock itself was inhaling sharply, unwilling to toll its bell and signal the beginning.  I waited, and eventually it could stall no longer.

The bell rang out.
The door to my room opened.
And suddenly it was all dark.

Today was Execution Day.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Back to the Start

"Let's go back to the start," we said. "Where it all began and let's start over..."

and so we tried. But, it never quite worked.

I think that's where we messed up -- by trying to go back to the start.  Because you can't do that, not really. You change, they change, we change. And going back to the start is trying to go back to fixing something with people who don't even exist anymore. You can't build a relationship on ghosts.

What you can do is start again, but where you are. But, it's not going back to the beginning. You have to deal with what's come between the start and the now.  You can agree to forgive each other, and that can be a part of the dealing and the healing. But, you can't go back and pretend that those things didn't happen, and you can't pretend that those things didn't mean something.

Because they did... if they didn't, you wouldn't need to start over and you would have no reason to even want to go back to the beginning.  They meant something.  And because they meant something, they matter and you can't just ignore them and hope they'll go away. They mattered and we need to respect that.

But, just because you can't go back to the beginning doesn't mean that you can't still have something beautiful. It might be work for a little bit...  but beauty is not easily achieved.  But, when you get there, it is sweet and it is beautiful and it is worth it.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Experiences on the 2013 Celtic Thunder Cruise

I have just returned from Miami where I disembarked from the Carnival Victory cruise ship after five days with the first ever Celtic Thunder cruise. What follows is my account of my trip, followed by some general thoughts written after reading comments from fellow cruisers.

Day 1 Highlights

The first time the guys came into view was the moment I started to get really worried.  The lobby of the cruise port was full of fans, waiting for them to let us start loading, when the guys came out and walked across this 2nd story walkway.  The entire place erupted into CRAZY boyband screams.  And I thought, "If the whole week is like this, I am going to throw myself over the side of the ship."

I had paid for Faster to the Fun through Carnival, so I got to get on the ship right away and drop my things off in my already-prepared cabin.  I walked around a bit, trying to get my bearings (I needn't have bothered... I spent five days on that ship and was still lost most of the time), and ate some lunch before wandering back to my cabin to unpack and make my cabin like home.

Then, it was out to the Sail Away Party where the drinks were flowing!  It was quite crowded out here, as EVERYONE showed up to this first pool party.  But, it was great to find my friends, grab a drink, and wander around the deck.  There was a slideshow of pictures with fans going on the big screen, and eventually Sharon and the guys came out to welcome everyone to the cruise.

The first event for me was the Picture Taking Session.  I'm going to say this was weird.  After standing in a long line, you walk into a room where the guys are all sitting in chairs on a ledge behind you, and you stand in front of them to pose for the camera. Just a few minutes before I got in the room, they had told us that they needed to speed things along and basically to stop talking to them.  So I ended up feeling guilty even saying "Hi" to them as I approached.  A few things-- 1, Having all six in one spot, in a fairly rushed moment, is overwhelming.  There are just too many people to focus on at once!  I couldn't even tell you if they were all there, though I'm sure they were. Also... the ledge.  See, they're wearing kilts, and sitting down, with their laps at relative eye-level. You see what I'm saying.  and while this may sound like a complaint over the rushed-ness of it, and perhaps it is, I'm not sure how to fix it.  As it was, the guys were there taking pictures for five hours.

The big show for us that evening was Michael Londra's show, which was quite good.  I'm not a big Irish tenor fan, so it's probably not something I'd go to normally...  But he was very funny and his dancers were amazing.  Most people had reserved seats, but because I booked late, I didn't... Going into the cruise, I was a little worried about this. Would I be stuck in the back row? But, it actually turned out nicely.  The balcony actually had some spectacular seats. The large theater only seats 1000, so unless you're behind a pole, the balcony seats all had really good views and I ended up preferring them to the seats on the floor. 

I found an upper deck that didn't have much traffic late at night and developed a nightly ritual of retreating to it each late evening with a drink to do a little writing, and that was a peaceful part of my cruise that I loved.

Day 2 Highlights

Today was a day at sea, and I started with watching the Celtic Thunder channel on the TV (not kidding!) while getting ready to join a friend for a cup of coffee with Baileys on the pool deck before starting my run. (Though I'm not sure that Baileys before a run is really the BEST idea ever!) Ryan was running around the upper deck, but I didn't feel right about joining him so I waited for him to be done and gone before doing my own and returning to my cabin to get ready for the day.

They had a pool party on the deck (kind of a daily thing!) and I enjoyed some people-watching over lunch before heading off to Colm's pub quiz.  Oh Colm Keegan, how I adore thee...  let me count the ways.  He is such a cutie...  like a puppy! He was delightful and funny, and I had a great time listening to him talk.  I think he and Neil have the best accents to listen to.  He’s a natural flirt, and it was fun to watch his interplay with the audience. I had to leave early to get changed for my next event, but later found out that my team won and we got a Cruise CD.  I think I have most of the songs on it already, but it does have Colm's Harry's Game on it, which I've not heard - so I'm happy.

Next, I went to the high tea in the dining room.  This was a very nice to-do.  We sat at the big tables in the main dining room, with one empty chair at each table.  When we started, a number of CT staff and the like (Seamus, Mark, Sharon, her mom and aunt, etc, etc) all dispersed among the tables and they would sit and chat for awhile before moving on to another table.  It was pretty nice... We had Seamus for awhile and we chatted about some logistical CT things, and then later we had Sharon's aunt and we talked a lot about what tea is like in Ireland.  The food was very good and I felt like it was a $15 well-spent.

The big show for us on Sunday was Celtic thunder Family Feud.  Truthfully, I expected this to be a little lame... but I ended up really enjoying it. VERY VERY funny...  Though perhaps a little out of hand at the end with questions like "If your underwear could talk, what would it say?" and "What do you put in your mouth but don't swallow?"  Not kidding (but funny!).  The guys were a lot of fun, and the fan team was... interesting. I was mildly amused to watch one older lady definitely take advantage of her promixity to touch the guys as much as humanly possible.

I had a few friends on the cruise that I’ve known since the early days of the CT Pub, and we had requested to be seated together at dinner.  What this ended up meaning was that we were seated together, and at the same table with the same waitstaff, every night. This ended up being delightful and I highly recommend it for anyone going next year. It was lovely to get to know our waiter and his crew, and they made dinner great fun and didn’t blink an eye every time I requested peanut butter for my chocolate melting cake!
Good gravy, I'm not even near done with the night yet.

(C) Perri Becvar
Ok, so AFTER dinner...  I went to the first ABC show.  Ryan and Neil were very good, of course.  Basically a typical ABC show, if you've seen one before. Tunes from the Acoustically Irish CD, a few not on the CD that have been in ABC shows in the past, and Ryan premiered his American Dreams song from his upcoming album and it seemed to go over well. Beautiful harmonies, fantastic music, purty talking. :) Neil is a good friend.  Ryan gets so flustered when people yell out to marry him or whatever, and Neil's a great savior.

(You're going to hear, as people coming home, complaining about lining up for shows.  But, because front row seats weren't important to me, I never stood in line longer than about 10 minutes and was always happy with the sound and my view.... so do take complaining with a grain of salt.  They chose the five hour wait.)

After the show, I had a pass to the private party so I headed down to the lounge I had been told it was in.  This kind of worked like a lowkey M&G.  There were 20 of us, split into two circles of 10.  Everyone sat down and was provided with a drink of their choice from the bar.  When the boys came in, Neil sat in one circle and Ryan went to the other. Then it was kind of a Q&A chat...  eventually, they switched places so everyone had time with each guy in their circle.  It was nice until the end when it was sort of rush, rush to get it done and the boys out.  (Of note... and I kinda tuned out for this part and didn't tune back in till halfway through the conversation so I'm not promising accuracy, but I THINK Ryan said that we're looking at 2-3 months till his album comes out? I'm just saying you might want to pick different Christmas presents.)

A late night drink on my deck and then it was off to bed!

Day 3 Highlights

The moral of today is pretty much just "DO NOT DRINK THE RUM."

So today was our first port stop.  We were scheduled to be in Ocho Rios, Jamaica around 10am, so I got up early and had my morning run, showered, and had just enough time to eat breakfast before I needed to be off the ship for the excursion I had planned.

It seemed that everyone was doing something to do with the Dunn River Falls, and I really didn't want to go somewhere very crowded.  So instead, I had picked the River Tubing Safari.  This ended up being SUPER FUN.  They ushered us into a large van and we took a 30-45 minutes drive through the area up into the mountain, narrated by a lovely girl.  It was pretty interesting, driving through actual communities where people live. Coming from a very white collar area of Seattle, it's always very humbling to me to realize how much we have.

The excursion itself was delightful.  I'm not exactly the biggest daredevil in the world, so a part of me worried it would be too rapid-y and I would die, but it was great.  We all had single-person intertubes and floated down the White River for about three hours.  There were parts that had rapids but they were fairly tame and we were all watched carefully by our guides.  Our guides were AMAZING.  Four young men, all delightful, funny, and sweet...  and HUGE flirts.  Now.. yes.  I know that they were just wanting good tips... but man, I left that place feeling pretty darned good about myself!!  I would SO SO SO recommend the excursion to anyone going back... it was tons of fun, the stories and song from the guides were fantastic, and I loved it. I also met a lady that I really liked a lot, and it's so fun when you make friends that you just genuinely like.

Now, the rum.  Back at the visitor center for the excursion, they had a bar and a place you could order jerk chicken.  I'm not the biggest drinker, really, so when I do drink, it hits me pretty hard.  Rum Punch sounded like it would taste good.  And it didn't look like much either...  Mostly punch, and just a wee bit of rum.  In fact, I was thinking as I was watching the guy make the drink, "There's hardly any alcohol in that at all. This is going to the weakest drink ever."

Oh, Jo... Looks can be deceiving.  I drank the drink.... tipped the guides... and got back on the bus.  The ride seemed so much more... woozy... on the way down than it had seemed on the way up.  I began to realize that maybe there was more alcohol in that drink than I had originally anticipated.  By the time we got back to the ship, I was definitely not in the most soberest of conditions.  But, chatting with friends on the pool deck seemed like a good idea while the effects wore off.  Until Emmet and Colm walked by.  Guys, don't drink the rum!  There was much cheering.  Just from me.

Just. From. Me.

Long story short....  Or... embarrassing story not told... I ended up with the hug from Colm that I hadn't gotten when my team won the pub quiz the day before.  And a promise to myself to never ever ever drink Jamaican rum again. Sorry, Colm!

That evening's show was a shortened version of Mythology.  The big shows on the boat were about an hour and a half, so they were slightly shorter than a tour version.  I'm sure there are people somewhere who kept setlists and would do a better job of telling you what people sang... but I didn't and there was SO MUCH MUSIC throughout the week that I'm sure I would do a bad job of conveying it all.  Most of the guys had two solos each, and if there's something you want to know specifically, feel free to ask me and I'll try to answer but I can't promise I'm right.

The rest of the evening was mostly just relaxing.  Dinner... drinks with a friend... and then I spent a good portion of the rest of the night out on the deck, listening to Goitse play.  They were out many times throughout the week, both on the pool deck and in their own shows inside at a couple of the lounges.  They were definitely a lot of fun to listen to and I enjoyed them immensely.  Eventually, it was off to bed for Grand Cayman in the morning!

Day 4 Highlights

Today was another shore day, this time in the Cayman Islands.  I loved today!!

I got up and ran, took a shower, and then it was off with Perri and Meagan to the tender boats. We had a lowkey adventure planned.  We set out to the find the buses to go up to 7 Mile Beach... and got slightly lost.  I mean, not LOST. I knew where I was. I just didn't know how to find the bus.  I stopped to ask this guy.... who, of course, ended up being King of the Taxi Drivers.  But he ended up finding us a taxi and it all worked beautifully.

Our taximan took us to Royal Palms, a small beachclub up the road a bit, and it was a perfect few hours.  Beautiful day, sunshine, a light wind, warm water, and great sand.  It was just a day of pure relaxation. A few hours later, our taximan came back for us and drove us back to the cruise ship. Perfect and easy.   Before getting back on the boat, we did a little shopping and found a local to take pictures with.

After taking my stuff back to the cabin, I picked up some lunch and sat out on the deck for awhile, listening to the band play.  (This was an activity I tended to engage in a lot!  Mommas don't ever get to do nothing... I enjoyed doing nothing!)  After a bit, I wandered down to the lounge and sat on the floor to wait for Ryan's Pub Quiz to start. Mostly, I just wanted to see how he compared with young Mr Keegan.  I don't know his name, but the guy who warmed up the crowd here was HILARIOUS.  I'd seen him a few times before during the cruise and he was always funny... his giggle alone was worth hanging around for.

Ryan's quiz seemed to go great... charming as expected.  I left his quiz halfway through too so I don't know if he actually got through them all, but he said he had 50 questions to go through.  So, when I was there at least, he was moving pretty quickly through the list.

After a quick shower, I headed out to the pool deck for the first of three shows I planned to attend that night. George was doing an impromptu show outside, and as I hadn't seen him yet, that was my first stop.  He was wonderful, charming and delightful, as you would expect.  For this show, he was performing on the upper deck under the cover, while the rest of us sat out in the open.  During the last song, it started to rain so everyone got up and made for the covered areas... only George couldn't see that it was raining, just that everyone was leaving in mass exodus right in the middle of his song.  Poor guy!!  He stopped for a hug and a wee chat before heading off to get ready for the second night of Family Feud.

 I went back to my cabin and changed clothes into my formal dress for dinner, where we had a lovely evening playing dress-up.  My original plan for after-dinner had been to take in Colm/Emmet/Rebecca in the main theater.  But I had enjoyed George SO much on the pool deck that I decided I needed to see him again.  So I ended up not seeing the younger boys in exchange for George twice.  I was sorry to miss them, but George is wonderful and I honestly was glad to see him again.  Sorry boys!

 After George's show, I headed back to the other end of the ship and slipped into the main theater for the end of Ryan and Neil's 2nd ABC show.  I have tickets to both of their Seattle shows next month, so it occurred to me that this might be overkill.  But I had nothing better to do! 

 And the rest of the evening was just a lot of chatting!  I ended up sitting with a couple friends on the Promenade and we talked until nearly 5am!! A late night, but good times spent with good people.

Day 5 Highlights

This was very much a lazy day.  There really wasn't much going on until later in the evening.  On the one hand, this could have been a good time to schedule some music appearances.  But, on the other, I think the whole boat was worn out, cast and fans alike, and we all needed a rest!

I headed up to the very tippy top of the ship with Perri and Meagan, and our good friend Vedat (the water slide attendant boy) stole some of the super comfy chairs from the Cast Only area for us.  It was a great place to sit and look out over the ship and ocean.  This was one of my very favorite things we did all cruise! 

They had some sort of deck party that afternoon where the dancers from Gaelic Rhythm were teaching people how to dance.  This got pretty funny when Colm and Ryan were coerced into going on the stage to help demonstrate. Such good sports!! I was a little concerned when the boys came OFF the stage... quite a bit of swarming.  But they seem to have survived.

Really, I just sat up there for a really long time that day...  Vedat is the man.  I know it doesn't sound like much, activity-wise, but I needed the relaxation.

The big event on this, our last night, was the Best Of show.  I REALLY enjoyed this show, you guys. (Well, except for the tone-deaf girl sitting next to me who insisted on singing along to everything.) The lads were in perfect form -- so talented, funny, and playful. Keith threw Colm's shoe into the audience. They had the worst time staying upright (thanks to some rocky seas) and it was all fantastic.  Well done, boys.

And the rest of the night, after dinner, was really just play time.  I had a few last drinks with folks.  I saw Goitse in the Irish Pub. Emmet and Neil both came out for a long time to do autographs and pictures, and it was really nice to get to chat with them.  I'm getting better... I actually wasn't shaking when I told Emmet I loved him singing This Is The Moment this time!  You'd think after six years!!

One more daiquiri with Perri at the bar and then we couldn't put off going to bed any longer... Goodnight Cruise!  Thanks for everything!

Some Final Thoughts


I would not say that this was a "Become Best Friends with the Guys" kind of trip, and if that's the reason you went, you might have been disappointed.  But if you went to be completely immersed in the opportunities to see the boys perform, I think you would be happy. 

George, Emmet, and Colm seemed to be out and visible quite often, and I have to give them props for that. It can't have been easy to be them and GET anywhere on the ship publicly, but they seemed to make a frequent effort, and that was pretty cool for the people who got to see them. I didn't see Keith much myself, but I heard of lots of people seeing him around Rebecca's frequent shows. I only saw Neil that one night, but he could have been out more that I didn't see.

I thought Ryan and Colm were both really classy by going throughout the hallways on our last day and signing the papers on anyone's door that they could.  It was a nice surprise for people to come "home" to.  Had I known they were going to do so, I might have taken my poem about Ryan's leather pants off my door... but at least it's signed now! :) 

The Lines

I cannot stress this enough.  In large part, standing in line was unnecessary. I have seen the complaints about this, and in part, they are valid.  The lines for the smaller shows did exist.  The first few days, it made it look like getting into the smaller shows would be impossible. In fact, I passed by Emmet and Colm’s first show because, by the time I was finished with dinner (more on that in a minute), the line seemed oppressively long and I figured I’d just try again on another day. (As a note, this got better as the cruise progressed.  They moved to a ticket system that seemed to help with this, and I commend the Powers that Be for experimenting with possible solutions.)

But, for the shows in the main lounge?  No, no, and no. I just do not understand why people DID it. There was plenty of room! The thing is, I went into this cruise wanting to see the shows. But, it wasn’t important to me to be in the front row.  Instead, I went into this cruise wanting to see as many of the offered shows as I could fit in.  Because of that, I chose to sacrifice the front row of a show for more viewings. I’m so pleased with that.

As an example… I know of someone who stood in line for literally hours for the second ABC show – and they probably had a seat up in front.  But, during the time they were waiting in line, I saw George perform on the Lido deck, I spent two hours at dinner with my friends, I saw George AGAIN in the smaller lounge, and then I went to the same ABC show they were standing in line in to sit in a balcony seat with a FANTASTIC view.

So what I want to say is…  the people who stood in line for five hours chose that wait.  It was to get something they wanted – up close seats – but, FOR ME, standing in line for hours and hours was completely unnecessary.  And it wasn’t something that people had to do in order to see shows.

I have also seen people complain that it was unfair that the Blue Seating people had time to queue in line when the Red Seating people were still in their main show.  I can’t really speak to that…  I was in the Blue Seating… but honestly, I spent so long at dinner every night that we were usually one of the last tables out of the dining room and the Red Seating people were long out of their shows by then and queuing in line ahead of me. 

The Swag

This has been the most baffling of all complaints to me.  Almost every night, we came home to our turned down beds, our towel animals, our chocolates… and a CT present.  One night, we got a signed CT Cruise poster – which was way bigger than I had expected! We got a picture frame to put our group shot into, and on the last night we received a Cruise coffee mug.  I love my mug and, as it was totally unexpected for me to get anything but the poster, I was delighted!

I have been totally baffled by the COMPLAINTS that we got presents. Apparently, not everyone who attended the cruise were big enough fans to actually want the gifts.  The complaints honestly have made me giggle.  If you don’t want Celtic Thunder swag, a Celtic Thunder cruise might not be your best choice for a vacation!

What I Would Do Differently

I’d have tried to get into Colm and Emmet’s show earlier in the cruise. I’d have probably ditched Ryan’s pub quiz to go to Keith’s solo show. I had to choose which of those two to go to, and picked Ryan (unsurprisingly).  But because I had gone to Ryan and Neil’s afterparty during Keith’s first show, I ended up missing both of his solo shows by attending the pub quiz… and while it’s always nice to see the boys talk, I was really there to listen to the music – and I’m sorry that I missed that.

I would have had Baileys in my coffee more than the first morning.

I would have spent a little longer on the beach at Grand Cayman.

I would have let fewer little things bother me.

I’d have had a decadent breakfast on one day instead of eating healthy every day.

I wouldn’t have drank that free blue margarita!
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