Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 in List Form

Books I Read (that I wrote down somewhere)
The Hobbit
Tiny Beautiful Things
The Princess Diarist
Daring Greatly
The Year of Yes
Loving What is

Events and Thoughts of Import
Adopted Biscuit (cat)
Got to know Lesley
Lots of crying in April
Started Organize Mom's House project
Color Run
Finished DBT class
Beer Festival with Joel
5K run
Jill Coleman and Mindset
Talked to Angie re: incorrect perceptions
Casey got a job at QFC
Sat outside all summer
Alicia - Homecoming!
Also Alicia - broke foot.
Started homeschooling Mckenzie
Casey got her driver's license
Alicia's friends threw a surprise birthday party
Started Beachbody
Snow at Xmas

Concerts and Plays I saw
Emmet Cahill
Byrne and Kelly - 2x --  "Brothers in Arms" just for me!
Jacob Whitesides
Shawn Mendes (3x)
Ed Sheeran
Something Rotten
Brene Brown booktour
The Humans
Postmodern Jukebox

Trips We Took
Kingston in February
Spring Break in Eugene and Portland
Whale watching w/Alicia
St Edwards hike
Port Gamble and Fort Flagler
Omaha/Iowa/South Dakota trip with Perri and crew!
Beach Day
My mom's in July
Thanksgiving in Eugene
Leavenworth at Veteran's Day

Movies I Saw
Newsies on Broadway
Star Wars
Murder on the Orient Express
The Dark Tower
Baby Driver
Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Going in Style
Beauty and the Beast