Sunday, October 28, 2012

Celtic Thunder Take Me Home CD Review

In the summer of 2009, Celtic Thunder followed the success of their premiere products (The Show, Act II) with a spring and summer tour of Take Me Home. This tour took took many of the favorites from the original Celtic Thunder tour and added to them with various new songs. The Take Me Home CD is an audio accompaniment representing those additions, containing tracks that were heard on the tour as well as a few additional songs that have never been performed live.
Take Me Home is definitely a quality addition to your Celtic Thunder library, showcasing predominantly upbeat solos, harmony-rich ensemble tunes, and a bonus two instrumentals from the talented Celtic Thunder Band.

The Great

Of particular note is the ensemble's Green Fields of France. This is a gorgeous track with delicately beautiful harmonies. Celtic Thunder has never performed this track live, which is a terrible shame. Their tender performance will leave you breathless, I promise.
500 Miles has become one of George Donaldson's signature solo songs, having been performed in virtually every Celtic Thunder tour since its initial inclusion. This is probably the first time that fans were really exposed to how fun and energetic George can be when given the right music.  Upbeat and delightful!
Ryan Kelly scores on Take Me Home with two fantastic solo pieces. First, Every Breath You Take is a great cover and a wonderful addition to the Ryan/Zara/Paul love triangle song set. It doesn't vary much in style from The Police's original version, but it's an excellent fit for Ryan's vocal strengths. Second, Midnight Well makes its initial audio appearance.  Later showcased in Celtic Thunder's musical theater-esque Storm, Midnight Well is a great vehicle for Ryan to rake his way through. Sexy and provocative!
You Raise Me Up, possibly Paul Byrom's strongest vocal performance with Celtic Thunder, will knock you back into your seat. It is a lovely rendition, combining heartfelt tenderness with amazing vocal power that is sure to leave you in awe.

The Good

Steal Away is a repeat ensemble song from the first Celtic Thunder release, but this is a new version with both Damian and George taking the lead in turn.  Instead of a predominantly acappella version, this one is also accompanied by George on guitar. It lacks the depth of harmony that was present in the first version, but with Damian's voice warming from boy to man, it's quite nice in its own way, too.
Homes of Donegal is a nice Irish ballad performed by Keith Harkin. It showcases strong accompaniment with Uilleann pipes and even Keith himself on guitar.
Both of Damian's solos on Take Me Home settle around the "delightful and sweet." Halfway between The Show's "boy" and not quite to the manly voice he eventually settles into, Damian plays it safe with two pop-ish Neil Sedaka songs. Breaking Up is Hard to Do is probably the stronger of the two and perfect for the lovesick teenaged girl to swoon over.

The Skippable

Paul Byrom's Because We Believe is just one that I tend to skip.  It's simply not a track that I enjoy, hovering around feeling slightly pretentious and maybe just tries too hard.

Wichita Lineman, performed by Keith Harkin, is another one that I just can't get through. Fans of the song love the romanticism of the chorus, but I simply can't stomach the stylistic runs that go on ad nauseum through the last minute of the track.

If You Can Only Afford Three Tracks

  1. Green Fields of France
  2. You Raise Me Up
  3. 500 Miles

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Tales: My Darling Michael, I Miss You

"My darling Michael,

I miss you. It's been 48 days since I last laid eyes on you, and I miss you so much."

The pen scratched across the paper as she wrote at the desk in the morning light.

"They still haven't told me why I'm here.  I don't know what I did. What law have I broken that they keep me locked up? Oh, they're very nice about it. Sickeningly nice, always asking if I'm comfortable, always asking if I need anything.  But, they never understand that there are only two things I really need.  I need to know why they're keeping me a prisoner here.  And I need to see you.  They never let me see you. They won't even tell me where you are, how you are.

Always lies. Always excuses.

I know it's been 48 days.  I count every tick on the wall before I sit up in the morning.

Do you remember the night we snuck out and watched the stars come out above town?  It was so beautiful. I can still feel how big your hand felt around mine, the strength of your arms around me as we took in the millions of tiny lights in the sky.  My mother nearly killed me when you finally took me back home and she was waiting up.  But, it was worth every moment of consequence, Michael.  Every moment.  I knew that night I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.  I knew.  Did you know too?

I just didn't know it would be so short.  Did I tell you that I miss you?

How I wish you would come and get me out of here. The security here is insane.  I've tried every way I can think of to escape, but they always find me. They always bring me back. I don't even know if you know where I am. Do you get these letters?

I get through every day by thinking of you, hoping you're alright, hoping you'll take me out of here.  I love you, darling.

Ever Yours,

She folded the letter and slid it into an already-addressed envelope, licking it shut. Carefully tiptoeing to the door, she cracked it just an inch and peeked out. A man was sitting on a bench outside.

"Psst.  Psst!" she hissed.

He looked up and smiled. "Good afternoon, madam."

"Shhh," she whispered, glancing nervously at the security desk down the hall. "They'll hear you. Sir, could I trouble you once more to slide this into a mailbox on your way home? It's very important. Please don't let them know."

He put his hand on hers and looked seriously into her eyes. "Of course.  It will be our secret."

Relief flooded through her. "Thank you, you're so very kind.  I don't know how I'll ever be able to repay you.  Maybe someday when I get out of here...." she trailed off.

His smile faded a little, but he nodded. "Maybe someday."

Beth smiled and shut the door, retreating to a windowseat in her room and a book.  Occasionally, she stopped reading to glance out the window.  She watched the man walk to his car, turning to wave up at her, before getting in and driving away from the compound.


He passed a mailbox on his way back to work, but he didn't stop to drop off the letter.  Instead, he pushed open the door of his building and made his way up to his office on the seventh floor.  He nodded to his secretary, grabbing his messages on the way.

Dropping into his office chair, he pulled the letter from his pocket and broke the seal.  The paper was violet and smelled of roses.

"My darling Michael," he read. "I miss you..."

The phone rang, interrupting the letter.  Reaching for the TALK button, he answered, "This is Michael. How can I help you?"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Be Okay As You Are

If we never grew and never changed, we'd be stagnant and stuck.  It's the changing and the learning and the growing that makes life so very interesting.

But, while you're going through all that changing and growing and learning, know that you're pretty wonderful just as you are right in this moment, too. You're smart and funny, kind and generous.  You're thinkerly and wise, even while you're going after more wisdom.

You're not broken.  You're not finished, but you're not broken. You aren't who you're going to end up being.  But, who you are now is worth something. Don't shortchange that person into thinking they're not.  

Love you now. You're amazing now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hearing Through Our Bitterness

It was a friendship that had begun to sour.  Actually, it was past the souring point, but we were still in the phase where you dread the drama of the actual "break-up" enough that you're still friends on social media and you're still hovering in each other's circles.  Not because you're still a part of each other's lives... but you just don't want to deal with the trauma that will ensue when you hit the "unfriend" button. And as long as you don't, there's still that possibility of reconciliation.

There was a day that I'd said something.  Maybe I hadn't worded it right. Maybe I hadn't taken the time to read it with other tones than the one I wrote in before I hit Send. Suffice it to say that she heard it much differently than I said it.  We're talking MILES differently here.  The venomously responsive status of her own was the moment I knew. It was the moment where I knew that there was so much anger harbored there that she was no longer able to see anything I said through anything but a haze of bitterness and hatred. It took me aback. I didn't know until then. It was also the moment I knew for sure that there would never be any reconciliation between us.

It's funny about that.  Since then, I've really noticed how the way we think of someone colors how we hear the words they say and write.  If it's someone you really like, you're more apt to hear their words through a veil of positive thoughts. You assume that their tones and intents are ones of peace and goodwill and humor, and you hear them accordingly.

On the flipside, if it's someone we don't like... or someone that we've come to have bad blood with, our perceptions of how they say things change.  No longer do we assume that they meant well.  Instead, we assume that they didn't. We hear snark and pettiness and self-pity.

I've been there too, and not just on the receiving end.  Sometimes I'll hear the words of someone through my own veil of bitterness, and I have to be very proactive about asking, "Is that fair?  Are you hearing honestly?" Many times, the answer is "No." I have to pull myself back from hearing through my hurts.  They do color, and they color dishonestly. They make you hear things sometimes that just aren't there.

I guess there's a part of us that wants to believe that the people who have hurt us are bad. We want everything they say and do to be a support of why we're right and why they were wrong, and why they continue to be wrong.  It's some sort of weird self-validation.

But I guess it's not really fair to them.  So it's good to be aware of it, to know it's there. When you find yourself awash in that bitter ocean, sometimes the awareness is as much of a lifesaver as you need to pull yourself back to the shore so that you can listen honestly and truthfully.

Photo Credit: John Mallon

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Tales: I'm Fine

I opened the door of my apartment for my sister. I'm on the phone, I mouthed with the phone tucked between my head and shoulder.  "No, Mom.  It's fine.  I'm fine.  Really."

Really? I had no idea, she mouthed back. I thought that was a growth on your shoulder.

I stuck my tongue out at her.  "Mom, Emily's here, I have to go.  Yes, I'll call you if I need you. I promise...  Okay.  Love you too, bye." I followed my sister into the kitchen.

"How long has she had you on the phone?" She put the wine by the fridge and slid a giant box of chocolates across the counter toward me. "Never mind, I don't even want to know."  Emily fixed me with a no-nonsense glare.  "Alright, spill.  What happened with Doug?"

I sighed and slid onto a stool, picking at the chocolate. "I don't even know exactly, Emmy.  Things have been off with us for awhile.  We were both getting irritated with each other over stupid little things." I shrugged. "I guess the cord just snapped and we couldn't hang on anymore."

She put her hand on mine. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

She raised an eyebrow at me.

"I'm fine. It's fine."

Emily seemed like she was going to argue, but she just said, "Okay."  

We spent the evening, flipping through old pictures of our parents, trying to put together a photo book for their upcoming anniversary.  We laughed a lot, talked.  It was good to take my mind off of things.

That evening, we sat on the couch and drank the wine Emily had brought.  I rested my head against her shoulder and whispered, "I'm not really fine." The tears spilled onto her skin.

"I know."  She kissed me on the head.  "But, you will be."

Monday, October 15, 2012

Beautiful Girl

Did you know that you are beautiful?

Yes, I'm talking to you.

You are.  The way your eyes sparkle when you're excited and the way your smile makes your whole face light up.  You're beautiful.

Oh, I know you don't feel that way some days.  Even most days. You get up and you look in the mirror and you see parts.  You see eyes that are too big and too little defined. You see the acne on your chin that persists in sticking around, even though you're pushing 40. You see the lips that are too thin and which certainly lack that perfect cupid's bow that seems to grace the face of every model in every magazine you've ever read.

But, you only see parts, and never the whole.

I don't see parts.  I see you. And you are beautiful.

On the inside, yes.  But not just on the inside.  That's something we make up when we're trying to make someone feel better, isn't it?  I don't mean "just on the inside," though you are beautiful there, too.  You are beautiful.  Your hair, your eyes, your face, and your heart.

I know you can't see it. You're afraid to see it.  So, I will see it for you until you can.

It will be my secret, this beauty of yours.  And when you are ready to know, come visit me. If you could only see you the way I see you, you would know just how very beautiful you are.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Tales: Canvassing the Neighborhood

Michael could hear the doorbell reverberating to the back of the house, and he waited for someone to answer the door. This was the last house he had to solicit for donations before his shift was over.  His foot tapped in mild impatience.

Finally, the door opened to reveal the cutest little old lady. Her hair was pulled into a haphazard bun on top of her head, but only half of it had made it there. The rest sprung out in every direction. None of the pieces of her outfit matched and her glasses sat crooked on her nose.

Michael smiled his winningest smile. "Good afternoon, ma'am. My name is Michael, and I'm here from the local homeless shelter..."  He launched into the speech he'd already given a hundred other times that day.  He wasn't even paying attention to the words that came out of his mouth anymore.  He put on his best puppy-dog eyes look and ended with "And I was wondering if you could possibly spare a donation for the cause?"

"Well, of course, young man. Of course I can."  Her voice was old and thin, like a sound of an old gate, rusty on it's hinges.  She opened the door wider.  "Please come in while I find where my son left my checkbook."

He protested, "Oh no, ma'am.  It's alright, I can wait--"

"Nonsense!" she fixed him with a look that would not be defied.  "You'll come right inside and sit down."

Michael reluctantly followed her into the living room and settled into the vinyl-covered loveseat. She tottered into the kitchen and called back, "Don't mind the kitty, now.  His bark is worse than his bite."

"It's alright. I have a cat of my own at ho-- Oh god."  He hadn't noticed the cat when he'd come in the door. He couldn't un-notice it now.  There he was, sprawled out on the windowseat -- the lion.  The animal opened one eye to look at the new visitor, and Michael couldn't help noticing the size of his paws or thinking about how easily that animal could jump across the room and bite the head off of his neck.

"Oh now, sonny.  Don't you worry.  He's just a big softie..."

The lion stood up on the window seat and stretched. A softie?  Michael didn't care if it was the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. It was a lion, and he preferred his wild animals to be outside of... killing distance. His eyes widened as he watched the lion jump down and pad softly over to him. "Ma'am?" he called. "Ma'am, help?" He couldn't move.

The animal shook his mane and then sniffed at Michael's hand.  He looked up and almost seemed to smile at his prey.  The lion knew. Michael knew. They both knew who had the upper hand. The giant cat yawned, taking his sweet time, letting Michael take a good look at the size of his mouth, the sharpness of his teeth. Michael sat frozen and helpless as the lion looked him steadily in the eye, licking his chops.

He heard the woman came toddling back into the room, check in hand. "Oh Daniel, you've met our guest.  I hope you've been good!"

The lion almost winked at Michael, licked his hand, and then made his way back to his bed at the window.  Michael grabbed the check from the woman, mumbled his thanks, and practically sprinted out the door.  He was completely out of breath by the time he made it back to the car, his partner leaned up against it waiting for him.

"You knew, didn't you?" Michael demanded.

Tim chuckled.  "About Crazy Mrs Gunderson? Maybe.  Nice cat, eh?"

"You are so dead."

Monday, October 8, 2012

Letting Go of Bitterness: Time and Intention

It only took a moment. The introduction to an old song played on the radio before I could get to the "Off" button, but it was too late. The memories came flooding back. The hurts came flooding back.  But, mostly?  It was the bitterness.

It's almost like a retreat, this bitterness. It's a place of safety when the hurts and the pain come shooting back up. It's a place where you are the victim and therefore worthy of extreme pity. The retaliating thought arrows at those who hurt you... you are given free rein to shoot those here. You reign supreme. You are the king and the queen whose whims and emotions and insecurities must be fed and coddled at all costs.

But you cannot stay here.

You are protected here by your own bitterness. But you were not meant to wallow in all the bitter for your whole life. You were meant for more.

But it's easy, isn't it? It's easy to find yourself here. It is easy to stay here. And it is so hard to leave and to stay gone.

They say that time heals everything.  And I won't completely argue with the sentiment.  Time helps. Time makes the pain softer. Time gives you the chance to pick your head up, pick up the pieces around you, and walk on.  But, I'm not sure that even Time is enough.

You need intention. The bitterness doesn't just leave you.  It wants you to hang out. It wants to be felt and rolled around in and painted on your soul like a tattoo.  You have to be intentional about letting go of bitterness, even if it's only one minuscule baby step at a time.  You have to want it, and you have to continually make the choice to not live with that cloak.  If you don't, it will come back.

I remember singing a song in kindergarten about this family with a cat they didn't want.  They did all kinds of things to get rid of this cat.  But the chorus always went like this:

"The cat came back the very next day
The cat came back, they thought he was a goner
But the cat came back the very next day.
He just wouldn't stay away."

Bitterness is like that. If you are not vigilant, it will come back.  It wants you and you have to be intentional about staving it off.  But, be clear.  You want to stave it off. You need to stave it off. We were not meant to be broken forever. We were not meant to be bitter forever. You can't be who you were meant to be if you become comfortable in your own bitterness. Don't mistake. It will eat you... it will eat us... from the inside out and it will leave us a mere shell of who we were, of who we are, and of who we can be.

Be intentional. Put it aside. Be better.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Celtic Thunder It's Entertainment! CD Review

It's Entertainment
Celtic Thunder's Spring 2010 CD release, It's Entertainment, is what I affectionately think of as "The Cover CD."  If you are looking for an album full of Irish favorites, this isn't what you're looking for. But, if you like covers of songs you already know and love, sung with finesse, I suggest you check it out. 

I've seen Celtic Thunder get a good load of criticism for this album, saying that it strays too far from their "Irish roots." But, a lot of my favorite tracks come from this album.  It's a good set of songs and enjoyable to listen to.  But, it is full of not-Celtic covers, and you should be aware of that before you buy it.  Michael Buble, The Beach Boys, U2, Bryan Adams, Neil Diamond, Jim Croce... um, Cher. It's all on there.

With 16 regular tracks, and various "bonus tracks" depending on your purchase outlet, this CD is full and worth the purchase price. 

The Great

George Donaldson scores big time with his solos on this album. Life with You clocks in as my favorite of George's upbeat songs. It's fun, rocky, energetic and makes me very smiley.  On the flipside, his cover of Hello Again is also my favorite of his ballads-- warm, mellow, and full of feeling.

Bad Bad Leroy Brown is Ryan Kelly at his best and is well worth the listen.  An excellent track, Ryan infuses this song with signature fire to make it smoky and flirtatiously fun.  You'll find your feet tapping from start to finish.

Ryan Kelly, Keith Harkin, Neil Byrne
Ryan, Keith, and Neil in Hallelujah
Hallelujah is a beautiful tune that features Kelly, Neil Byrne, and Keith Harkin. It starts with Byrne and slowly adds one voice at a time until it becomes the full trio, showcasing some really beautiful harmonies from three very talented men. The launch into another verse, after a moment of silent expectation where you're not sure if the song is over or not, is beautiful and not to be missed.

Still Haven't Found is easily the best ensemble piece on the album. It's full of energy and fantastic harmonies.  You'll love it!

The Good

The ensemble track of Amazing Grace is beautiful. It really is.  It's an acapella version with some breathtaking harmonies. But, for whatever reason, it isn't a "listen to it all the time" song for me, either.

Paul Byrom in Doo Wacka Doo
Paul in Doo Wacka Doo
Just Like Jesse James is also a really nice song, sung by Charley Bird. But the "Who??" you just uttered is exactly the problem with it. There just doesn't seem to be any sense for why a song that isn't sung by anyone who is a part of Celtic Thunder is even on the CD at all. It seems out of place.

Doo Wacka Doo, sung by Paul Byrom, is a fun silly song that shows off his lighter side. It's highly enjoyable, but doesn't have a lot of meat to it.

The Skippable

Neil Byrne in When You Wish Upon a StarNeil Byrne's voice is really sweet. But, When You Wish Upon a Star just seems to go on and on and is melodically redundant. I always end up skipping to the next song way before its end.

I wanted so badly to like Ryan Kelly's Everything I Do. I really did, and I tried very hard. I've always thought that a Bryan Adams song would be a great fit for Ryan's voice, but this one unfortunately just falls flat for me. It feels well-sung but not well-felt?

Finally, we need to have a talk about the Celtic Thunder Anthem. This is a song that's only available as a bonus track on CD's purchased through QVC.... and that's probably a good thing. It's like some sort of tragically cheesy theme song.  I mean, it's funny... You can't help but laugh.  But really not in a way you'd want someone to laugh at something you've produced.

If You Can Only Afford Three Tracks

  1. Still Haven't Found
  2. Hallelujah
  3. Bad Bad Leroy Brown

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Tales: The 50 Bandits

The man was dressed richly, the fabric of his clothes obviously expensive.  He sat by the fireplace in the inn with a crowd gathered around him while he spun his tale.

"I drew my sword as the bandits approached. 50 of them! Sword clashed against sword as man after man fell to my skill. They came at me from every direction, but not a one could come out of it alive!"

His younger brother, Mark, stood at the bar and drained his ale. "This story gets longer every time he tells it," he muttered to the innkeeper.

The story at the fire continued. "The last man stabbed through the heart, I threw open the door of the carriage they had been robbing and found a beautiful princess with hair like gold and eyes as blue as the sea. 'My savior!' she exclaimed before she stood on her toes and bestowed me with a kiss. Of course, there were yet dragons to be slain, so I could not be waylaid, even by such a pretty lass, and I sent her on her way." Lord Maxim stood up from his seat by the fire. "And that is the story of the day I bested 50 bandits. Drinks all around!!"

The inn burst out in cheers and applause.  Mark smothered a smile and rolled his eyes at the ceiling.


Mark shoved his older brother up onto his horse and they rode home to the manor. "You know, brother, I feel like I remember that story a little differently. As I recall, we were the ones in the carriage, the lass was the one doing the saving, the bandits were three, and she refused to succumb to your charms because you hadn't bathed in six days."

Maxim glowered.  "Um, shut up?"

Mark chuckled. "You are the worst knight in shining armor ever."

Monday, October 1, 2012

Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly (age 35) is an original member of Celtic Thunder. He is the youngest of three children and grew up in The Moy, a small village in Northern Ireland. Before joining Celtic Thunder, Ryan worked as a chartered accountant, but dabbled in local musical theater and nightlife, even taking a stab at an American Idol-esque show, Country Cool.

With his strong background in theater, Ryan is best known for his highly energetic and theatrical performances in which he brings to life the character of the well-loved Dark Destroyer, as well as for his friendly and charming demeanor.

Ryan has released two solo albums: "In Time" in 2010, and "Life" in 2013.

Songs of Note:

Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Brothers in Arms
Midnight Well
Hunter's Moon
Dearg Doom


Solo/Duo CDs

Celtic Thunder DVDs

Celtic Thunder CD's

Celtic Thunder CD

Keith Harkin

Keith Harkin (age 27) is one of the original members of Celtic Thunder. Keith hails from Derry in Northern Ireland and brought a handful of songwriting credits with him into Celtic Thunder.

Skilled as a singer/songwriter, Keith has had his own work in the Celtic Thunder shows since the beginning with the addition of "Lauren and I" to CT's debut product, "The Show." He is an intricate guitarist and possesses a unique accent that sets him apart when it's expressed in song.

Keith recently signed with the Verve label under David Foster and released his first solo album, "Keith Harkin," in September 2012.

Songs of Note:

All Out of Love
Castles in the Air
The Island
Lauren and I
Mountains of Mourne
I am a Man of Constant Sorrow


Celtic Thunder CDs


George Donaldson

George Donaldson (age 46) is one of the original members of Celtic Thunder. The lone Scotsman, he is also the only married man and only father in the group. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, George built buses in his former life while chasing after his dream of being a professional singer. For years, he has been a Sunday night staple of the local Glasgow pub, Jinty McGuinty's, where he still sings when he's home long to get the chance.

A talented folk singer, George most often showcases his skills in Celtic Thunder through emotive ballads and raucously up-tempo songs. Also known as a giant flirt from the stage, George is always friendly with his fans and can frequently be found doling out the friendly hugs off-stage.

He released his first solo album "The White Rose" in 2011, followed by his second, "The World in My Mind" in 2013.

Sadly, George passed away in 2014, following a sudden heart attack, leaving behind his wife Carrie, daughter Sarah, and an empty spot in the hearts of all who knew him.

Songs of Note:

Hello Again
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
Life With You
My Boy
The Old Man
Scarlet Ribbons for Her Hair


Solo Reviews

Celtic Thunder CDs


Neil Byrne

Neil Byrne (age 36), though involved with Celtic Thunder since its inception, has not always been at the front of the stage. A native of Wicklow, Ireland, Neil has been chasing the dream of professional musicianship since childhood. Neil was originally asked to record on Celtic Thunder's original products as a background vocalist and later hired to play guitar in the band, where he performed for the first few years.

In 2009, Neil began performing the occasional solo with Celtic Thunder and was finally invited to be a full-time principal in 2011. He is a talented guitarist in his own right, and lends the sweetness of his voice to tender ballads.

Neil released the initial EP "Sensitive Souls" in 2010, followed by the "Faces" album in 2011 under the name Pale Blue Jak, along with a duo album with Ryan Kelly, "Acoustically Irish," in 2013.

Songs of Note:

Always a Woman
Lagan Love
Past the Point of Rescue
Carolina Rua
Summer in Dublin


Solo/Duo Work

Celtic Thunder DVDs

Celtic Thunder CDs

Colm Keegan

Colm Keegan (age 24) joined the cast of Celtic Thunder in 2012. Originally from Dublin, Colm has performed in various choirs of prestige in Dublin and toured Europe. After graduating university, he joined the choir for Celtic Woman and had the opportunity to tour with them as well.

Colm auditioned for Celtic Thunder in 2011 and was meant to be introduced slowly. However, he was asked to jump in feet-first in the summer of 2012 when Ryan Kelly had a serious accident and was unable to perform.  A crash course in Celtic Thunder canon ensued, and Colm was thrust into the limelight. Adorably flirtatious and sweet to the hilt, Colm has been an appreciated addition to the Celtic Thunder cast.

Songs of Note:

Black Velvet Band
The Edge of the Moon


CT and Solo Tours

Celtic Thunder DVDs

Celtic Thunder CDs

Emmet Cahill

Emmet Cahill (age 23) has been a member of Celtic Thunder since 2011. Growing up in County Westmeath in Ireland, Emmet is already a highly acclaimed young singer and began vocal training at seven years old.

Emmet auditioned for Celtic Thunder in June 2010 and served as an understudy for the DVD filmings of the Heritage and Christmas CT products. Following the departure of Paul Byrom, Emmet was asked to join Celtic Thunder as a principal singer. Emmet is skilled as a classically-bent performer with a rich voice, showcased in songs like "This Is The Moment," but can also ham it up as seen in "My Irish Molly-O" and "Seven Drunken Nights."

In 2014, Emmet announced his plans to leave Celtic Thunder to pursue his own solo career.

Songs of Note:

This Is The Moment
My Irish Molly-O
The Isle of Innisfree
Always There


Celtic Thunder DVDs

Celtic Thunder CDs

CT and Solo Tours

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