Thursday, January 24, 2013


Ben and Tessa walked along the sidewalk, hand in hand, under the awnings of the stores all closed up for the night. The young couple was in no hurry, immersed in the butterflies of new love. It was as if the night was made for them... despite the rain that fell.

The water dripped to the ground between each awning and, as they jumped from shelter to shelter, Tessa was aware of the havoc the little bits of rain were having with her carefully arranged hair. She hoped it still looked alright and occasionally put her free hand up to check.

It was in the middle of one of these checks that Ben stopped.  He paused under an awning and looked out into the rain. "Come on," he invited, as then walked right into the downpour, pulling Tessa with him.

"Are you crazy, Ben?" she pulled him back. "It's wet out there! We'll get soaked."

He winked at her and shrugged. "So we get soaked."  He drew her out and she could feel the water seeping into her clothes, dripping down through her hair.  The strands began to stick to the sides of her face and she knew there was no hope in salvaging it now.  She must've looked like a drowned rat.

She frowned, her eyebrows coming together in her discomfort. "Are you happy now?"

Ben turned and stepped close to her. "Not yet." He slid his hand behind her neck and dipped his head to taste the raindrops on her forehead. "But I will be." They stood in the pouring rain as he kissed down her nose and finally brushed his lips against hers.  Tessa sighed contentedly and her lips parted against his as she leaned into him. They stood in the rain a long time.

When he finally lifted his head, Ben whispered, "I've always wanted to kiss a beautiful girl in the rain. Thank you."

And as he walked her home, she smiled.  He'd called her beautiful. Clothes soaked to the bone, hair plastered against her head, and he'd called her beautiful.


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