Sunday, August 7, 2022

Self Love: Chapter 1a



"self-love -- The active practice of accepting, caring for, and encouraging oneself."

"Self-love is an intentional practice to learn and cultivate... It is the opportunity to see yourself completely, to recognize and value your strengths and weaknesses... it is critical to acknowledge your imperfections in order to nurture personal growth."

"Self-love is not a summit to conquer...but a continuous practice of caring for yourself."

Thoughts -- What does self-love mean to you?

"Self" comes with so much cultural baggage -- attention to self even more. It is work for me to ignore the calls of selfishness and guilt to acknowledge that it isn't selfish, but necessary and healthful. In this moment, self-love means holding myself with kindness and gentleness. It means providing opportunities for insight and looking inward. It is both allowing acknowledgement and celebration of the places I shine - - and also holding space to notice the places I am dull and jagged, without judgment. It is finding outward outpourings of that love to those around me. It is finding peace with the storm inside.

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