Tuesday, November 29, 2016

An Awkward Pause

The show was over, so I made small talk with a couple people I knew as the audience filtered out of the theater. Eventually, the crowd thinned, and I made my way up the aisle to the exit myself.

On the way, I noticed someone who I used to be friends with. We'd shared dinner dates and common experiences and laughter in the past... and while we weren't really on those do-stuff-together terms now, it was more due to growing-apart and lives moving on than any sort of relationship strife. So, I leaned into a seat to say Hello.

It was a "Hey, it's good to see you, how have you been?" followed by a polite "Good, thanks..." and... then started busily texting into her phone...  sign of dismissal.

I sat there, perched on the arm of the seat, thinking, Hmm...  well, this is good and awkward. Now what? I opened my mouth a couple times, but eventually settled on standing back up and saying, "Well, I just wanted to stop and say Hello..." before making my escape to the lobby where someone who is actually a friend was waiting for me.

It was an odd interaction that had roots in I-don't-know-what...  I thought about it on my drive home. What WAS that? And, of course, you come up with a bunch of Maybe's.  But, in the end, what I settled on was Well. I guess, now you know? and let it go at that.

Not all endings need a reason.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Morning After

I am worried.

I am worried that we (apparently) elected a president that ran a campaign which glorified hatred.

I am deeply troubled by the angers that revealed about us.

You worried about the 2nd amendment with Clinton... I'm worried about the 1st.

I'm worried about marginalization. I'm worried about direction. I'm worried about racism and sexism and faithism (which probably isn't actually a word).

I mean, this is the short list.

But I have teenage children and they are listening. Perhaps when you have teenage children... especially ones with big hearts for the marginalized...  you have to find perspective quickly.

Last night, my kids were asking, "Mom... can we move to Canada?" It's always Canada. Surely, they have even more bears.

But no...  we're not going to move to Canada.  And here's why.

I do not believe that the world is going to end because Donald Trump is the president. Things may be rocky for awhile, and I believe they will be, but the world is not going to end.

We are not going to move to Canada because this is our home. And when you have a home, you love it and you protect it.

We are not going to move to Canada because someone has to be the helpers. Mr Rogers said to look for the helpers. Sometimes you have to be the helpers. And that's who we're going to be.

We're going to be the people who look for hurts and hold out a loving hand. We're going to be the people who give the oppressed somewhere safe to land. We're going to be the people who spew love when the words spinning around are ones of division.

You can call me Pollyanna if you want... if that makes you feel better. I choose hope over despair. And if that makes me naive in your eyes, I honestly don't care. I can love you, too.

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