Friday, December 25, 2015

Love that Doesn't Make Sense

I was speaking with a friend earlier today... a bit of nostalgia on my heart... when the phrase "Loving when it doesn't make sense" came to my tongue.

and I thought that felt appropriate for Christmas.

We make much ado of Christmas, and the miracle of Jesus' birth.

And we make much ado of Easter, and the final moments of Jesus' sacrifice.

But somehow, we often skip over the part in the middle -- the part where He shows us how to live and how to love.

and perhaps "Loving when it doesn't make sense" is what describes it best.

When it's hard.
When it defies logic.
When everyone tells you it should look like something else.
When there's no reason for it other than the tugging on your heart.
When it's outside the norm.
When you're tired and you just don't want to.
When no one understands.
When you're afraid.

Maybe those are all the moments that we're supposed to love and to love recklessly.

Maybe that's more of what I want to be.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Lost in Thought

I wandered the mall today, in search of the perfect Christmas presents for the people in my life. I was lost in my own thoughts, and was aware -- but also unaware -- of the people around me.

As you do in a crowd, I suppose.

As I walked by this man, my eyes focused for a moment on his face and was startled to find him searching out eye contact, a goodnatured smile on his face.

Why the smile?  I don't know.

Because my hair is purple?
Because my T-shirt was a replica of the opening credits to Star Wars?
Because I was having an imaginary conversation in my head and my face was contorted into odd expressions (as my children say I do when engrossed in thought)?

Who knows... and I suppose it doesn't really matter.

I nodded and smiled back at him and walked on my way.  

But the moment made me stop. I hadn't been startled to find him smiling at me. I was startled because until that split-second, I hadn't seen him.

So lost within myself, I hadn't seen anyone -- and that isn't like me. So I took a second and reminded myself to be present. To see the people around me. To make eye contact. To nod. To smile. To find little moments of commonality.

They are small, I know. Those moments. If I stayed lost in myself, it wouldn't change anyone's day.

But I do believe that we all have power in those little moments to do just that. To create a life of little connections that spread outward and we have the potential to become a life that centers around making others feel seen.

I think that's important.
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