Thursday, February 21, 2013


I stood at the gates and peered in.  Dark and foggy, the path stretched on into the morning. But, there was nothing that would tell me what would lay down it.

An archway stood above me, its stone marble both smooth and yet cracked with age.  The words carved into it were simple and straightforward.

"Come. Your way is here."

Was that a message to me? Or was it simply what it said to everyone who passed this way? An invitation to peace or peril? I didn't know.

But I looked behind me along the path that had brought me here, its twists and turns already overgrown with brambles. I knew that I could never go back. I knew that going back was closed.

Here, as in all life, I suppose...  here, the only way was forward and to face what waited down the road with what courage I could find.  So I stood tall, shook my hair back from my face, and approached the gates. I stepped into the story of what was yet unwritten.

Just inside, a small fox approached me. I watched him with trepidation, ready to swing the nearest stick at him if he attacked.  But, he simply sat in the middle of the path, nodded his head at me, and said simply, "You came. Thank you."

And so the story began.


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  2. Now I feel I have to be super witty after all those stellar spam comments up there. Darn my tardiness!! You had me leaning in and you went all Narnia on me. Love it! You seriously need to turn these into a collection of short stories. I'd buy it, then with your most helpful insights and courage offer you a chance to check out my webiste and the fabulous offers I have there. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

    1. haha This comment made me laugh! You forgot your website link at the bottom. ;)