Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Why do we wait? Why do we hold back? Why do we let fear stop us from saying the things our hearts beg us to say?

The things that are sweetest, the things that are kindest, the things that are the most meaningful, the things that are the most real... these are the things we keep locked up.  These are the things we allow the possibility of embarrassment, the fear of rejection, to keep silent.

We are given so few years on this earth.  So few.  And every moment is a gift that could be the last one.

Too often, it is the I'm mad at you's and the how could you do that's which we give voice to...  and we keep hidden all the I love you's and the you are special to me's and the I really admire you for's.  

Don't wait.  Today.  Give voice to your heart.  

Don't be afraid.


  1. Yep! Fear of rejection holds me back!! But I am learning with God's help to "open"up:)

  2. Sometimes people expect you to know these things without them being said - it is so nice to hear them but said too often and they don't carry any weight. As with everything it's a fine balance between sincerity and saying it as rote.