Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Small Steps

Sometimes it takes small steps.

Sometimes the steps are so small, they seem laughable.  They seem like steps to be ashamed of. They are never what you would have accepted from yourself in the past.

But today, they're what you can manage. And if you can't bring yourself to be proud of those steps, you can at least accept that they're what you can do today.

Today, you can make that one small step. And you laugh because it seems like nothing.  You laugh because what you really want to do is cry and beat yourself up.  But, you laugh because it's better than what you want to do.

But, know that today is a small step and tomorrow is another small step, and there's another small step on the day after that.  Pretty soon, you can look back at all the small steps and know that they added up to distances that were further than you ever could have gone if you had just sat in a hole and waited for your ability to take big steps again to come back.

They're further than you ever could have gone if you just felt sorry for yourself and crumpled up into a heap.

The steps may be small... but the distance is not. The accomplishment is not.

So, go ahead and laugh. If it helps you be okay with yourself, laugh. But know that your steps are not small.  Not really.

They're what you can do today - and that isn't nothing.
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