Wednesday, May 1, 2019


-Flight to Phoenix - Oceans 11
-Made friends with Price the Flight Attendant
-- Crap. They lost Perri's luggage!
--Drove to Air BnB
-- Braved killer dog
--Walmart shopping spree
-Made friends with The Fitting Room Lady
-- BBQ for dinner!
-- Shopped (badly) at liquor store
-- Bed!!

-Coffee and Chat
- Stop at lobby. Hi Stalker Fans?
- Lunch @ Cheesecake Factory - Perri's never been!!
-- Back to check in.... Slight upgrade because I'm adorable. Massive toiletries hookup for Perri! Still no luggage.
- Wandered around resort in lazy hike
-Firepit chat
- Retreat check-in and swag pickup
- Mingling Taco Night
- The guys mingled. The tacos did not.
-- Taco requests because I'm adorable
--RK chat
-- Bizarre event invitation
-- Crane confusion.
-- Speak English, Irish!!!
-- Much better mingling. Applause.
-- The luggage is here!!!! 
-- Celebration!!
-- First show!!
-- Arrived late, somehow seats in the middle. Front row show.
-Good upbeat show!
- I need to pee. But I just know R's going to sing Brothers in Arms and I don't want to miss it.
- I really need to pee.
- Sweet Jesus, I was right! I know all!!
-- Long look and a couple nods. Yes, I know this is for me. Thank you!!
-- Crap.... Missed my pee escape because clapping. I am going to die.
-- Finally! Escape and return for end of show
-- Drinks with Rebecca and Jan in the bar -- I really enjoy them!! (The ladies, not the drinks. Well, the drinks too, but that's not what I meant.)

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