Wednesday, May 1, 2019


-- Out of room early and stopped for coffee
-- Found a spot to write above river, but mostly just soaked in the breeze
--Pool time!
-- Laid out in sun.... Ate some fresh fruit and consumed some tasty but slightly weak sauce drinks
- Probably good.
-Lazy River. This was the bomb.
Afternoon Concert #2
-- Enjoyable acoustic show... A little slow getting started, but I enjoyed it!!
-- Moondance and Green Fields of France, A+
-- A few concert visitors 👍
- Perfect vantage point for smiling at Neil. Also A+.
-- Back to room... Rum and cokes...
- After consumption.... " Jo.... Did you know this is 100 proof??"
- I don't know much about alcohol. But that sounds like a lot. We are in trouble.
- Perri picked it out. I'm just saying.
- Sat outside to air out.... Was sent on a walk.... Perri disappeared while I was gone.
I am undeterred!!
-- Name That Tune event
-- I'm just going to tell you that some people, genuinely not me, are very very serious about Name That Tune. 
- Very.
- Very.
- Serious.
- Drunk Me is decidedly not serious.
- Chat with Peter... Nothing bad. 
- Chat with Angie. Might have related story that I asked her to keep on the downlow later.
-- Fawned over Neil.
- Hugged Ryan. Also called him names. So there's that.
- Went to bed, thank God

-Woke up. Slowly. Long slow walk around the resort. Water.
-- Meet and Greet
-- Q&A .... Normal routine so, you know. Ryan was a mailman as a youngster? That's all I got.
- Meet was fine... I mean, they made fun of me, but I deserved it. I was slightly disoriented by what was apparently longer time constraints. I'm so used to rushing through that I wasn't quite sure when the appropriate end was.
- Out to spend some time with a notebook
-Lawn and Games event
-- This was basically like games at the farm reunion meets CT fanbase... Actually, that's a lot like our farm reunions.
- Some people are also very serious about Cornhole.
- We mostly just people watched.
- I got irritated by hovering fans and decided I probably needed to go home soon.
-- Hung out a bit more....
-- Concert #3... For whatever reason, this was my least favorite show of the retreat. I think I felt this way about the last show last year. Not sure if that's them or me.
- If you actually hand out the lyrics to everyone, and then proceed to butcher them, it's probably going to be obvious.
-- Dutifully advertised to all attending hotel guests. I am a pro, kids.
- Spent an hour outside with a Porter. Just one.
-- On the way to bed...
-- Stopped to chat. Got stuck.
-- Chatting and gossip
-- Long chat with a lady I liked.... 3 minute rundown on the psyche of Ryan Kelly
-- New guy.... He was normal. Lots of laughs.
- and bed at 4am.
- Because I think I'm 20.

The End

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