Saturday, December 22, 2018

2018 through Lenses: The Books I Read

I started the year with a nostalgic-filled read of Cary Elwes' Princess Bride memoir, As You Wish. I remember it being a fun, light piece -- something feel-good for a movie that has always been totally beloved.

I indulged in some Neil Gaiman. I deeply enjoyed American Gods - I could barely put it down and it made me think a lot about the idols we create - and what mine are. I followed it up with a reading of Neverwhere -- which I am just now googling to remember what it was about and learning that it was a TV show.  So, things to stream in my future.

Sometimes I forgot how much I adore good fantasy.

I dabbled in a little light politics with Jim Comey's memoir, A Higher Loyalty, and Rock Wilson's book, Everything Trump Touches Dies. Comey's was a refreshing dip into the importance of honor and truth (yes, they still exist), and a book I found to be deeply interesting. Rick Wilson is one of my favorite Twitter follows, and his turns of phrase often make me laugh (and pull out my dictionary). He has an interesting vantage point as a Republican strategist, and lays out some important thoughts and hope into a way forward out of this mess.

I took in some random fiction in America's First Daughter, The Queen's Fool, and To Capture What We Cannot Keep. The first was great and had me thinking a lot about our personal narratives and how we cultivate them. The second two were mostly enjoyable fluff, but I decided to pick up and read the rest of the Queen series, so.

I dove into some psychology and sociology with Craig Malkin's Rethinking Narcissism and Brene Brown's Rising Strong. The first was to help me come to terms with a friendship I was struggling with; the second because I WOULD HAVE BRENE BROWN'S BABIES. Actually, both were super helpful.

The last book is my most beloved find of the year - Nikita Gill's Fierce Fairytales. This is a book of poetry and prose that I picked up off the shelf at Target, flipped through quickly, and then immediately had to have. It presents and thinks about the fairytales we all know in ways that turned them a little upside down and filled my heart to the max. I would share examples with you, but I marked up my copy and sent it to a friend. So I need a new one.  Get one, too!!

And that was my year in books.  Hopefully, more in the new year!

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