Tuesday, November 29, 2016

An Awkward Pause

The show was over, so I made small talk with a couple people I knew as the audience filtered out of the theater. Eventually, the crowd thinned, and I made my way up the aisle to the exit myself.

On the way, I noticed someone who I used to be friends with. We'd shared dinner dates and common experiences and laughter in the past... and while we weren't really on those do-stuff-together terms now, it was more due to growing-apart and lives moving on than any sort of relationship strife. So, I leaned into a seat to say Hello.

It was a "Hey, it's good to see you, how have you been?" followed by a polite "Good, thanks..." and... then started busily texting into her phone...  sign of dismissal.

I sat there, perched on the arm of the seat, thinking, Hmm...  well, this is good and awkward. Now what? I opened my mouth a couple times, but eventually settled on standing back up and saying, "Well, I just wanted to stop and say Hello..." before making my escape to the lobby where someone who is actually a friend was waiting for me.

It was an odd interaction that had roots in I-don't-know-what...  I thought about it on my drive home. What WAS that? And, of course, you come up with a bunch of Maybe's.  But, in the end, what I settled on was Well. I guess, now you know? and let it go at that.

Not all endings need a reason.

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