Monday, July 20, 2015

CHANGE the Place that You Are

"If you aren't happy in the place that you are, 
change the place that you are."

I used to think I knew what that meant.

And so I spent a lot of time and energy looking for the place that would make me happy, looking for the place where I would fit.  I would dig in and engage until it started to feel like I didn't fit, until I wasn't happy.  Then, I would think, "Jo... if you aren't happy here, then find a new here."  I would disengage. I would search for a new here -- and I would start again.

But what if that's not what it means?

What if the answer doesn't lie in picking up and moving... but in staying and changing the actual place you've already set down roots?

What if it means that you aren't meant to be forever searching for a place that is made uniquely for you...  but that you're meant to be setting yourself down and having a meaningful impact on the place that you already are?

What if you're meant to stop looking for the place you're meant to be and instead to start creating the place you're meant to be...?

What if you were looking at it all wrong?

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