Friday, July 10, 2015

A Vulnerability Circle

Making yourself vulnerable to others can be a hard thing. It comes with the risk that you could be hurt -- that your heart could be somehow trampled on, leaving you broken and burned.

It is placing your most private corners in someone else's hands -- gambling that they'll respect the trust you've placed in them -- but knowing that they might not.

Sometimes that comes when I share my innermost secrets with a person, trying to be real and transparent. Sometimes comes just when I've written something here. And I hope that you read it the way I spoke it -- that you will understand it. That you won't ridicule my heart offering.

And I suppose that's why it means something when someone allows themselves to be vulnerable with me -- when they give me the power to trample -- when they put themselves on the line to ask what I think about what they've made - what they've offered.

A vulnerability circle, if you will, that circles to infinity as long as you maintain respect and trust.

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