Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Mask over our Changes

I have taken my daughter to counselling for some issues she was having for two years now.

For the first year, all the changes were hidden. They were important things, things that needed to be worked on before we could get to the big things.  But they were things that were all under-the-surface. Heart changes. Confidence. Belief in herself.

If you had asked me how counselling was going, I would have told you it was good -- because it was. But the concrete evidence I would had to back that up would have been small.  They were inside changes that meant the world -- but that you couldn't see unless you knew her really well.

And the second year came.

We'd done the inner heart changes the year before... and it was time to make those changes outside, as well as inside. But that was hard too because it meant that she had to take off her mask.  The changes were no longer things that only she could see.  They were changes that she was going to reveal to the world.

But what if the world didn't like those changes? What if the world didn't like her?

Do we ever feel like that too? I know that I do.

In life, we grow and change.  Sometimes that's just in "living wisdom." Sometimes that's because of experiences. Sometimes that's because epiphanies and being convicted by things. We are spurred on to change.

And those changes are all safe as long as we keep our masks on. If people don't know we really are or who we're really becoming, then we can't really be judged on who we are, either. -- They don't know. There is a safety in that, keeping who you are and who you're becoming a secret.

But you've become who you are for a reason. You have walked paths and roads and climbed obstacles and mountains. You have hit dead ends and retraced your steps. You have conquered. You have changed and you have grown. You have been convicted and you have rewritten your journey. And these all happened for a reason. They have all combined to make you who you are.

And who you are shouldn't be hidden by a mask anymore.

Take the risk. Don't be afraid to be the person who you have become. It makes the Becoming worth it.

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