Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Every Girl has her Breaking Point

"No matter how strong a girl is, 
she always has a breaking point."

I read that and I first think of breaking down... That we all have that point where we just can't do it anymore, and we break. We crumble into pieces to the floor and weep. We wonder how we got here, how we'll get out. We hole up, we self-protect, we mourn.

But there's another breaking point, too.

We get to the edge the same. And something snaps the same. But the result is different.

We find strength that we didn't know we had. We find resolve. We find self-respect and belief and power.

This isn't the kind of strength to keep going in the status quo. That's not the kind that I mean. This is the kind where you look inside and you realize that you are worth more. You can do more. You deserve more.

And you stop taking what you've been taking. You stand up. Maybe that means that you finally fight back... but maybe that means you simply stop accepting people into your life who don't believe that you're worth more, who don't believe that you can do more, and who don't believe that you deserve more.

You stop accepting "the best you can expect," because it simply is not true You know that it isn't. You know that there is more. And when you get to that breaking point, the lie of "the best you can expect" is simply not one that you are willing to believe anymore.

Stand up. Sometimes breaking is the best thing that can happen to you.

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