Wednesday, February 25, 2015

LENT: Same Coin, Other Side

I really need to find some balance.

Yesterday, I found myself in a place where I was on a friend’s Facebook status. Defending the Art of the Selfie. Against someone I didn’t know.

The whole last couple days, I’ve been in this empowered “Not Taking Crap Anymore” sort of place.  I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with that exactly. To be honest, it feels a little good to feel like I am taking back control and not letting myself get walked over.

But in that place… I was arguing with someone that I didn’t even know about something sort of dumb.

On the positive, I wasn’t CHANGING what I did because someone didn’t like it. But, probably I was arguing about it because I felt like I needed to defend myself… like I needed to say why it was okay for me to take pictures and post them on the internet. I needed to not be judged…. And so I had my say.

But is that any better?

I guess I’m exploring what this all means. What does it mean to care less about what people think of you… to not let it matter? What does it look like in thought? What does it look like in action?

I’ve thought a lot the last day or so about people pleasing. I know that’s me. Some people may think it’s not, but it so is. I want people to like me… and so I will tweak myself to fit into what I think that is.  Is people pleasing and not letting people’s opinions of me matter so much… are they the same thing? Are they linked? Is one the cause and one the effect?

Things I want to explore a little more…

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