Wednesday, January 14, 2015

When You're Done Waiting

You can't always wait around forever.

Waiting can get to be a habit. Waiting for the right job, waiting for the next season, waiting for the relationship to bloom. You get used to waiting... and you become okay with it.  If you just wait a little longer, right?

The thing is... that habit of waiting... what are you really waiting for? You wait long enough and you'll find that you spent your life just hanging around, biding your time.  You put off living your life, in a constant state of hold.  And pretty soon, you turn around and realize that you wasted it all.

Sometimes you have to break that habit. You have to actively stop waiting. You have to choose to live your life deliberately. No more waiting around. Seize your life by the balls and go for it. Live for you.

"But what about....?"

I know. You've waited a long time.... what if what you were waiting for would have happened if you just waited one more day? One more week... month... year...

Great.  But you still would have wasted that time.

I believe that if things are truly meant to be... that job, that season, that person... If you actively move forward, life will bring them back into your life someday.  If they are meant to be there, they'll find their way again. Maybe they'll just wake and catch up with you.

And maybe they weren't meant to be there at all and you'll find something better.

Either way, you're stronger. You're better. And you're not wasting your life, sitting around... waiting on promises that may never be kept.

"Life's for the living, so live it!"


  1. That's so true. When we wait for the right moment, sometimes it never comes. But if we just jump in, it turns out okay anyway. I've invited you to our Community Blog Posts group board on Pinterest. I'd love it if you joined and shared this article there. Hope to see you.


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