Friday, January 16, 2015

The Courage to Let It Go

Utter the words "Let it go" and kids within a 500-ft radius will suddenly burst into song.

But I was born in another generation... and so if you say the words, I see something else.

A roguishly handsome archaeologist hangs off the edge of safety... clinging to his father with one hand, while the other stretches to reach the thing that they had been searching for. The thing that had been a part of their lives since...forever.

"Indiana," His dad says firmly but gently... perhaps the first time he's ever uttered the nickname for his son that he neither likes nor really understands. "Indiana... let it go."

ah, my heart. (Yes, I just cried, reliving that scene in my head. Don't judge.)

Sometimes we have to let go of what we were to embrace what we will be. And yet that can be so hard.  There's that moment in between letting go and becoming where we might fall... What if we don't make it to what we will be?  What if we don't make it and we let go of what we were for nothing? What if, in that place between what we were and what we want to be, we tumble through the crevice?

That uncertain part... that part where we could fail...  That makes letting go so uncertain.  We want to be safe on the other side before we let go of the safety of our past -- even if that past isn't very pleasant and isn't truly where we want to stay.

At least it's familiar.

But becoming something new... it requires a little faith. It requires us to step out toward where we want to be... away from what we knew... and trust that there will be something there to hold us up. It's trusting the process. It's trusting the past that got us to a place where we could step out.  It's trusting that even if we fall a little, we'll have the strength to get back up.

Because if you never let go of where you were, you can never get to where you want to be. It's like trying to take a boat across an ocean... but never untying from the slip.

And there are amazing things on the other side of the ocean.  Just waiting for you to let go.

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