Friday, June 13, 2014

Live from Intention

Habits are easy. They feel natural because they either are our natural responses, or we've done them so often that they've become our natural responses.

We get up and we take a shower.
Someone says "Thank you" and we say "You're welcome."
We get nervous and we bite our nails.
We get mad and we lash out.
We witness "uncomfortable" and we... do nothing.

Habits. They're easy.

But what happens when your habits are things that you don't want in your life? What happens when your habits are things that you don't want to be or do any longer? They're easy, but they're unwanted.

So, you choose to live from intention. You consciously decide the person that you want to be, the traits you want to exhibit, the reactions that you want to become your habits.

And that's difficult at first... because sometimes the things you want to be don't feel natural. They aren't habits you've had in the past. They're new. They don't fit yet. I'm a Northwesterner... and so, back in the 90s, we all had Birkenstocks. And when you get Birkenstocks, they feel weird at first. Eventually, the sole will mold to the shape of your foot... but at first, even when they're the right size, they don't fit.

Living from intention is something like that. 

Your intentions are new, and sometimes you have to make the choice to live in line with your intentions every minute. And you have to choose anew every single minute. You have to learn to catch yourself before you fall into your old habit. And you have to choose every time.

But eventually, you choose less.  Eventually, your new intentions become easier to choose. You don't have to fight against your old habits quite as hard. And sometimes they become new habits.

Sometimes they don't. Sometimes they stay hard. Sometimes they remain things that you have to choose over and over. Maybe, at that point, you re-examine and you decide if that intention is really what is meant for your life. Maybe you make the choice to walk away from it.

But, maybe you decide... "No.  It's still who I want to be."  And so even if it's hard, you keep choosing.

Because you get to choose. You get to choose who you are. You get to choose what you say. You get to choose what you do.

Living from habit is easy... and you can choose that, too. But I'm not happy with who I am when I merely live from habit.

I like the me that I choose to be.

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