Sunday, April 13, 2014

Still in There

I believe you're still in there.

I know you feel a little lost right now, a little like you don't know you are anymore. You've changed. Of course you have. Think of the things you've just been through. The roads you've walked, the monsters you've fought, the pain you've endured.

Who wouldn't change on a road like that?

And now...  you look back at who you were and you look at who looks back at you in the mirror.  And you're not sure whose eyes they are. You're not sure who you are.  And sometimes...  sometimes in your smallest voice, you have to admit...

not knowing who you are is frightening

But, this is what I know about you.  The essence of who you are, who you always have been...  it's still inside of you. The road you've walked has refined that essence to something that maybe you're not familiar with yet.  But you will be.  And when you become familiar, you will see what I already know.

Who you are, in the past and in the present and in the future...  Who you are is amazing.

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