Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Poison of Hatred

Sometimes you can't help not liking people. It's all the little things, isn't it?

Maybe they clear their throat every other word. Maybe they're constantly pulling out pictures of their perfectly coiffed children. Maybe they're weirdly fascinated with a foreign boyband that they just won't shut up about.

Sometimes it's bigger things.

They belittle the things that stir your heart. They put others down. They can't ever see anything good in life.

Whatever it is, and no matter how hard you try, you just can't bring yourself to like them...  and I think that's okay. There will be people that rub you wrong, so you just don't hang around in places where they'll be. You choose not to expose yourself to them all the time, and pretty soon, it really doesn't matter that much that you don't like them.  You can co-exist in your own lives, not bothering each other.

But... hating someone.... Hating someone is a different thing entirely -- I think, because it's something you consciously choose to do. It's not enough for you to simply not expose yourself to the person. No..  no, not at all. Hatred is a choice to funnel constant negative thought and energy toward that person. It's a choice to keep them in your sights at all times, constantly looking for things to support your right to hatred.

But, much like choosing not to forgive, hatred is a thing that hurts most, not the person being hated, but the person doing the hating. For how could soaking in that much negative thought not seep into every corner of your soul?

Pretty soon, it's not them who is the hateful one...  it's you.

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