Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In the Light of the Moon

The light spilled across the night.

A woman stretched in it and smiled sleepily at the man slumbering next to her before wrapping his arm around her body and snuggling into his side.

A little girl crawled to the window, and she wished fervently on the first star she saw for a little relief from the pain that plagued her.

A man threw a near-empty beer bottle across its milky path and cursed the light for intruding on his night of frustration.

A dark form crept across the yard and broke some glass before slipping into the house.

Dots of light blinked through the dark... so quickly that you wouldn't have seen them if you didn't know what you were looking for.

One woke a dog in a dark house and scared out the dark form.

One sat on the shoulder of a broken man and gave him hope.

One brushed back the hair of the hurting child and sang her back to sleep.

One just sat on the vanity of the bedroom of the newlyweds, and smiled... on an angelic coffee break till she was needed.

And it all happened on the same night in the same town under the same moon.

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