Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Things You Love

What are some things you enjoy?  I mean, really enjoy?

For me, it's listening to that song that makes me dance or that makes me cry, no matter what. It's reading a favorite book and sliding into the lives of my favorite characters.

It's that first sip of coffee. It's a hot bath.

It's the feel of the wind against my face when I run outside. It's a message from one of my best friends. It's going for breakfast with my sister.

It's time alone with my husband. It's daytrips with my daughters.

For starters, anyway.

But sometimes those things get pushed aside. They get buried in the errands and the mealplans and the lists of things to do. They get sidelined in order to fit in the doctor visits and the housecleaning and all the things that seem like they really need to get done.

Sometimes they get hidden because someone might think it's weird that we like that thing, and so the pleasure gets denied for fear of censure.

But, we can't do that. None of it. We must choose to do the things that we love doing -- just because we love doing them. Because I think it isn't the things that we think must get done that we'll be the happiest that we did... it's the things that we love doing. And so it's important to think about what those things are.  What things do you love? What things make you happy that you did them? Who are the people you are happy that you spent your time with? Be with them. Do the things with them.

Do them unapologetically. Enjoy them. Make time for them. And let the joy flow and fill you until you can't be filled anymore.

And then do them again.

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