Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just because they hurt you once...

My head says, "Be wary. They have hurt you before, and if you aren't careful, they will hurt you again. Don't give in. Don't trust. Be on your guard."

Even my heart says, "They hurt us. Hiding will make it not happen again. Don't ever open yourself up."

But, there's a single voice that lies somewhere within me... I don't even know where I would tell you that it lives. But it doesn't tell me to be wary. It doesn't tell me to hide. It doesn't tell me to keep people at arm's length. Instead, it says "Just because they hurt you once, it doesn't mean that they will hurt you again. Be open. Be trusting. Let people in."

Everything that looks like wisdom seems to say the opposite.  That it's wise to be careful, that it's wise to be wary. But I find wisdom in that still, small voice, too. Truthfully, most people probably haven't hurt us with the intent to hurt us.

Hurt comes through busy and selfishness, through not stopping to think before we act... not stopping to think before we speak. And I think that most of us have found ourselves at some point... we find that we've hurt someone we care about because we got so busy going through our lives that we didn't stop to think how that affected people. So we've been hurt... and we've been the one to make the hurt, too.

But if we keep on going, keeping people at arm's length, being wary of what they could do to us... where does that leave us?

It seems that the only place is leaves us is alone.  And of all the places I could be, that's the one place I don't want to be.

And so, I'm listening to that small voice, and I'm trying to be open, and I'm trying to let people in. Even if it's a little scary.

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