Sunday, December 8, 2013

Before I Fall

Before I fall, could you look a little closer?
I want you to see who I am really.
I need you to see.
I need someone to see.

Before I fall, could you move a little closer?
I just need to be in a space that isn't so open, so empty.
That won't hurt so much when I crash.
As if the mere presence of others makes the ground softer.

Before I fall, could you speak a little softer?
Just a kind word or two, a thought of understanding.
It makes such a difference just to know that we're not alone here
That someone cares.

Before I fall, could you hold me a little longer?
Hold my hand another minute before letting go...
Because I know that the fall is coming
And if you're here, someone might catch me when I finally let go

And fall.

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