Wednesday, October 23, 2013

YES!!! I lost a kid!

January 5th, 2013.  This year.

A start of a new year and I'd lost patience with myself. It was Saturday and I was going back to Weight Watchers.  It had been awhile.. I'd gained back weight and I felt embarrassed to return. But the whole "I'll go back after I lose 10 lbs" thing really wasn't working for me.  So, I was biting the bullet and I was going back.

Before getting into the shower that morning, I stepped on the scale and sighed at the "217" that stared back at me.

I have worked hard this year. Despite a few glitches where I gave in to entire bags of licorice, I have mainly "stuck to plan." I cook often (and it's good stuff! Not just baked chicken all the time!) and limit eating out (though that's limit... I still eat out smartly!) I have slowly added in more activity. I started running.  I mean, not marathon running or anything. A real runner would scoff at what I'm proud of being able to do.  But, I'm running 3-5 days a week.

And today...   9 1/2 months after that day... I stepped on the scale this morning before getting in the shower.  And "167" looked back at me.

50 pounds.  I've lost 50 pounds in just under 10 months.

I'm not done yet, though I'm very close to the point where my mom starts freaking out and going "Joey... Joey... I really think you've lost enough now.  You should stay there..."  I've got at least 15 more to go, but BOY do those 15 feel attainable right now.

They so do.


  1. That's fantastic! Really, it's so hard to do sometimes. Takes a lot of motivation and dedication. Good for you. :)


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