Monday, October 21, 2013

Vulnerable Girl

Vulnerability is not a weakness.

We treat it like it is... like it's something to be run away from. Like it means we don't have strength in our hearts or that we haven't conquered enough to get over being vulnerable. We prize those who have become hard and triumphant and who have beaten those around them.

But, we don't reward vulnerability. We don't reward kindness. We don't reward being afraid, but being willing to trust anyway. We don't reward opening up our insides or even letting our real emotions be felt or shown. Those are all things that we teach should be kept hidden for they show the world that we are not strong.  Because we think vulnerability is a weakness.

And so I sit here this morning and I just simply disagree.

It takes perseverance to win. And it takes determination to be the last one standing.

But it takes great courage to face those who have the power to hurt you, and to reach out your hand anyway. It takes incredible bravery to know that walking forward means that you are probably going to get hurt but to walk forward anyway.

And, my darling, I hope you know that your vulnerable heart does not make you weak.  But, it makes you incredibly strong. And someday, you will look in the mirror and you will see that and you will know how truly amazing you are.

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