Friday, August 23, 2013

Not Your Door

Quit it.

That door you're banging on so fervently? That door you keep trying and trying to get through?  Honey, it doesn't have your name on it. It isn't meant for you. That's why it doesn't open. That's why it doesn't budge, no matter how hard you try to squeeze it open.

I won't argue that what lies behind it isn't great.  It is.  It would be a great thing, and it will be a great thing for the person whose name is on it.  But, the door beside it?  The door with your name on it?  Oh, if you could only take a moment to see what things lie behind it.

You think this door you're trying to pry open would be great?  It's nothing compared to what lies behind the door with your name on it. THAT is truly magnificent. Not just because it is wonderful, but because it's specifically meant for you. Designed for you. Planned for you. Blessed for you.

But you can't see it, not yet. All you can see is this door. This door that won't open because it isn't yours.

Sometimes, darling, that's why doors won't open.  Because we are meant for greater ones, different ones, doors that don't belong to others but just to us.

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