Friday, August 2, 2013

Needing People

A few years ago, I had a fan page for a vocalist that I liked. (Okay, yes, shut up. It was for someone from Celtic Thunder, Ryan Kelly.) When his first solo album was released, I remember doing a series of status updates asking for input on what people thought about the varying songs on it.

I remember one song... it's a story song called Perfect Man.  The comments on that one always surprised me because I really liked it. I've always enjoyed story songs and I liked the background music a lot. The protagonist of the story isn't exactly the poster child for modern feminism though, and some people really reacted to that with even anger. Many times, in their disdain for the character, I read the statement "I don't need a man!"

It's one that's stuck with me for a long time (obviously, as I'm still thinking about it three years later), and has always given me pause. Mostly, because it makes me a little sad. You see, I grew up hearing that philosophy, and I've always believed that it's one born less out of female strength and might, and far more out of fear.  Fear of being hurt by someone, and so you close off to all possibility of being hurt.

Needing people, whoever they are, isn't a bad thing. It's actually a really good thing, isn't it? It comes with vulnerability and it requires trust, but it's a far braver thing to need people than it is to wall yourself off and convince yourself that you need no one.

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  1. Ah, time does fly! I remember some of the comments ;) I'll agree, we need people around us, to interact with, to be responsible for. I think we need people to need us as well. The perfect man... I never figured out just exactly what that was, who he is.


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