Friday, July 12, 2013

Remember Who You Are

Who are you?  Who are you, really?

See, the truth is that you're someone amazing.  That isn't a gooshy self-love new-age-y statement.  But, you're someone special and you're someone unique, and you can't forget that.  Because we go out in the world and the world tells us that who we are isn't good enough.

We're not pretty enough.  Not thin enough. Not boobilicious enough.
We're not smart enough. We're not kind enough. We're not tough enough.

The world holds up an image of who we are supposed to be... and the image is a little like Barbie.  Not necessarily in looks, but in the sense that who the world says we are supposed to be is not someone that is even possible to attain.  But still, we're told that The Image is who we must be to be okay. And, at some point, we start to believe it.

So, we look at ourselves and all we see are the ways that we are not like The Image.  All we see is where we lack, and we start to focus on those things.  We focus on them so much until we've forgotten the things that make us special, and we've forgotten the things that make us unique.  In the quest to be what we think we're supposed to be, we forget who we are. We forget what makes us worth knowing, worth loving.

Don't listen. Not anymore.  Remember who you are, and be her.

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