Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's About the Journey

Sometimes I look at where I am, and then I look at where I want to be. The gulf between those two places is so wide that I'm filled with disappointment in myself. Disappointment that I seem to have made so little progress, disappointment that I'm not yet a victor, disappointment that others around me seem to have gotten there and I'm still floundering, trying to find my way.

It is here that I am reminded that life is a journey.  Maturity and success are not where we start, but end goals and something we attain by going through the fire.  Sometimes life isn't so much about attaining the flag at the end of the level, but about the paths we take to get to it.


  1. Ah. Reading my mind again, you are. I've been flatlined for a while with a few things... haven't quite figured out how to break out of that condition. But I will :)


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