Saturday, June 29, 2013

The House That Doubt Built

Papered with uncertainty, Nailed together with betrayal
Furnished with mistrust, Carpeted with remnants of the past
This is the house that Doubt built.

Halls echo with secrets unkept, trust disrespected
Family portraits stare down with accusing glares
Here in this house that Doubt built.

I walk its corridors, this house I now own
I walk and I listen to the whispers - "You cannot be trusted. Your judgment cannot be trusted."
The whispers in my house that Doubt built.

This wasn't always my home - this center of unsurety
I once lived awash in confidence, confidence and strength
But now reside in this house that Doubt built.

It isn't an unwillingness to forgive that binds me here, forgiveness is easy
But I was wrong before, and can be wrong again. It is both you and me I can't trust
And so I am bound to the house that Doubt built.

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