Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be Different: Be Amazing!

Be Amazing!

To go back to the beginning, why do you join the crowd? Why do you even desire to be a part of the crowd? Why are you worried that they'll think you're weird?

Guess what.

You're weird.

You're weird and I'm weird and he's weird and she's weird. We're all weird!  And we're each weird in different ways... but that's not what makes us weird.  That's what makes us awesome. Really awesome.

Don't be a part of the crowd. Don't even want to be a part of the crowd. The crowd is defined by conformity and sameness and a religion that there is power in numbers. Even if what they're powering is dead wrong.

Don't change who you are to be part of it. Don't cover your awesome. Don't tweak it to fit in. And, for heavens sake, don't change it.

You are awesome and amazing in all your quirks and differences and passions and hopes and dreams. I want to see those. I want to know them and love them.  And I want to be proud of my own just as much as I'm preaching at you to be proud of yours.  I change mine, too. I change them and cover them and try to erase them-- all the time.  And then wonder why I find myself unhappy.

We are amazing. It's time to let ourselves be just that. 



"Be Different" Series

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Sunday..........  Like What You Like
Tuesday........  Making a Difference
Wednesday...  Be Amazing!


  1. Thank you for pointing out how amazing we are. Your so right in what you say.
    Passing through on my roadtrip.

  2. I love your posts, and so I'm giving you the Sunshine Award. Please stop my blog and check it out!


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