Monday, March 18, 2013

Trust is Like a Vase

"Trust is like a vase. 
Once it is broken, though it can be repaired, 
it will never be the same again."

Be careful with trust.  Both with the people who trust you, and the people you've placed your trust in.  Trust is a delicate thing.  Sometimes it's easily bestowed in the beginning or sometimes it's something you have to grow into and earn. But, either way, it's a gift. But, it's a delicate gift, fragile.

You have to be gentle with fragile things, and so it is with trust.

Once it breaks, it's pretty much broken. It won't ever look like it did before it was dropped.  You can pick up the pieces, and you can glue them back together.  Piece by delicate piece. But, it won't really ever be exactly the same.

There will be stray shards that are missing. Cracks that run down the back. Sometimes they're cracks that you don't even know are there.

It takes a long time to piece trust back together. It's a possible thing, but it's a slow, long process -- one that requires time and patience, mutual commitment and more time.  And even when you've done all the gluing, it's still a delicate thing.  And maybe even now, more delicate than it was before you dropped it.

So, be gentle with trust. Give it wisely and treat with honor the trust placed in you. For once broken, it's never quite the same.


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  1. so true, we need to treat trust and each other with so much gentleness!! Always love your writing and you of course!


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