Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday Tales: Momma, Can We Keep It?

"Momma, can we keep it?"

I turned to the door from my place at the sink, washing the dishes from lunch, to see my little daughter standing in the doorway, covered in mud. In her arms, she held a teeny little puppy, so equally covered in mud, you could barely see what color his fur actually was.

"Cassie," I admonished. "You're filthy! What have you been doing? And where did you get that?"

I grabbed a towel from the laundry room, and spread it on the floor to set the puppy on.  I sat on the floor, and with a wet cloth, I carefully wiped the mud from my daughter's face.

She gestured vaguely to the outdoors in response to my question, but only repeated hers. "Momma, can we keep it?"

I hesitated. "Baby, I don't think your daddy is going to want to get a dog. Someday... but... not now. We're going to have to find where it came from." But, as I turned to the puppy and began to wipe the mud from his fur, he nuzzled my hand.  Still covered in mud, he climbed into my lap, turned around twice, and with a sigh, found a puppy's sleep.

In that moment, I knew that if my daughter asked again, "Momma, can we keep it?"...  I knew what the answer would be.


  1. Oh! I get this. I have lived this. With our first puppy Cedar. Though, I was the little girl and Ron played the adult. ROFL

  2. That's my daughter, only without the mud. She brought home a feral calico cat no one could lay a hand on and a new pup almost as big as she was. When she got to the door one time, she said a huge yellow tabby followed her home, but we had watched her carry it right up to the door. She said when she grew up she was going to have a cat house. Thank goodness that didn't happen.

  3. How cute! I think I would just melt all over the place if I found my niece all covered in mud and holding a puppy...hahah ;)

    I found your blog while moseying through the A-Z challenge list. Good luck this month!


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