Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Letting Go That Which is Heavy

Things in life can be hard to carry along with us all the time. They lie heavy on our hearts. They drag behind us, a restraining yoke that makes moving forward seem so difficult.

And even though we know that they are heavy, they remain things that we have such a tough time setting down. We know that if we just stopped and set them down, if we stopped and took the yoke from around our necks, then we would be able to move on in our lives into much better things.

Yet still we don't. There are all kinds of reasons and excuses for that, and each of us have a different one that seems ultra-important. And maybe they are.

You should set them down. We should set them down. Don't we all know that? But, I guess sometimes they're un-set-down-able... and if you can't set them down yet, the next best thing is to find someone who is willing to walk along with you, and help you carry that which weighs down your heart, until you can.

Maybe that's what life is about... helping each other carry what we can't on our own.


  1. It's very hard to let things go. I'm trying to work on letting things go that I need to, and being positive about the future, but it's so much easier said than done. This is a good reminder though.

    1. It is... and I think it's okay if it takes a long time to do it. Baby steps are better than no steps?

  2. That's why community is so important. There are times we have to allow others to help us carry our weights. We become stronger instead of being crushed. It also helps us learn how to do the same for others. Thanks for sharing this Jo!


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