Monday, February 4, 2013

Good In This World

Samwise Gamgee had it right. He was never billed as the quickest mind, but with maybe the biggest heart, he had it right.

Hard things come at us from every direction, it seems.  Heartache, pain, sorrow. Dashed dreams, cruel people, unexpected hardships. The weight of it all, sometimes, can be so crushing, suffocating. How can you breathe when that's what there is?

But, in the hearts of men, there lies something more than heartache, pain, and sorrow. There is joy and there is love. There is kindness and there is peace. There is friendship and there is the capacity to dream again. There is healing. There is just simply more.

And so, a simple hobbit was right.

There is good in this world. And it is worth fighting for.

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