Monday, November 5, 2012

Respect Yourself Enough

Respect yourself.

Do you find yourself always sacrificing because you think you have to?  There's a difference between being kind to others and letting them walk all over you, and it's really important for us to find where that line is. I think we often confuse humility with self-degradation.

Respect yourself enough.

Do you ever find someone using you for a doormat simply because they always know that they can? If you let them, they will keep on doing it... forever.  Why would they stop?  You're there, you're easy, you'll let them. You'll do whatever they ask you to do.  They won't stop unless you stop lying down in front of them.

Respect yourself enough.

Do you find yourself in situations where those in your life refuse to take responsibility for their actions because they know you will take care of it? You don't have to fix everyone. Help?  Sure, maybe. But, others' choices aren't your responsibility. Your choices are your responsibility. Their choices are... their responsibility.  And if you continue to take on the consequences for their choices, everyone loses. Even them! We're meant to take our own, learn our own lessons, grow and mature. If you take away the opportunities, they can never grow.  And you end up paying their prices and never getting around to your own lessons.

Respect yourself enough.

Do you allow those close to you to guilt trip you into getting their own way because they know you will cave? Don't let them lay that on you. Be strong enough to do what you know is right. People who guilt trip are manipulators. Don't... do not... let people like that dictate what you do, what you say, what you like, how you feel. Don't give in.  Every time you do, you give them a little bit more power over you. And that is not the kind of person you want having influence over your life.  They don't care about you at all. Why do we let those kinds of relationships into our lives?

Respect yourself enough.

You are strong, so much stronger than you think you are. And you are amazing.  I guess that's the thing.  You don't think you're amazing. You see all the places that you think you lack, and those places seem so big.  They dwarf, for you, the places in which you shine. They make you think that you're lesser and that you aren't good enough. They make you think that you don't deserve respect from anyone, least of all yourself.

But I think you're wrong. You do. And you're better than all that. You don't need to let people walk all over you. You don't need to let people use you. You don't need to let people make you think that you aren't okay if you don't drop everything to give them their way.

You're better than that. You're stronger than that.


  1. Oh this is just like a conversation I had with the guys at supper yesterday. I have to be more discriminating with my yeses sometimes. Too often I feel resentment, and you know that's my own fault! I can say no, and need to do it even when I think it might put the other person out. THAT is hard especially when I love that person. Too often though I think I am the solution, when there are other choices as well. Which makes me wonder, in the whole mess of it all, how much is pride playing a factor as well? I'm such a mess sometimes!