Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Both Happy and Sad: How Can That Be?

Everything isn't simple.

I am both happy with and frustrated by the events of my life.
I am sad for the losses of friendship but grateful for the lessons they taught me.
I am hurt by the betrayals but glad for the situations they helped me avoid.
I am delighted with the experiences I've had and jealous for the ones I missed.
The same events bring me joy and envy, grief and solace.

And I don't always know how these things can be, but they are equally true.

To hurt so much for things with one part of me, but also to be so grateful for the same things.
To know that the losses were right, but to grieve for them as well.
To be happy for growing but to grieve the roads I took to get there.

Life is full of contradictions, and it is okay and real and true for them all to exist at the same time.

Everything isn't simple.
In fact... few things are.

But, perhaps it's their very complexity that make life interesting and fascinating and worth getting up for.

So, perhaps today I will be happy and sad.
I will be anxious and calm.
I will be broken and whole.

And that will be my life, which I will embrace wholeheartedly.


  1. I love the last sentence I will embrace wholeheartly!! Even when we don't understand it all:)

  2. Yes! So many times and in so many different situations all of the above. So nice to see this in black and white.


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