Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Tales: I'm Fine

I opened the door of my apartment for my sister. I'm on the phone, I mouthed with the phone tucked between my head and shoulder.  "No, Mom.  It's fine.  I'm fine.  Really."

Really? I had no idea, she mouthed back. I thought that was a growth on your shoulder.

I stuck my tongue out at her.  "Mom, Emily's here, I have to go.  Yes, I'll call you if I need you. I promise...  Okay.  Love you too, bye." I followed my sister into the kitchen.

"How long has she had you on the phone?" She put the wine by the fridge and slid a giant box of chocolates across the counter toward me. "Never mind, I don't even want to know."  Emily fixed me with a no-nonsense glare.  "Alright, spill.  What happened with Doug?"

I sighed and slid onto a stool, picking at the chocolate. "I don't even know exactly, Emmy.  Things have been off with us for awhile.  We were both getting irritated with each other over stupid little things." I shrugged. "I guess the cord just snapped and we couldn't hang on anymore."

She put her hand on mine. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

She raised an eyebrow at me.

"I'm fine. It's fine."

Emily seemed like she was going to argue, but she just said, "Okay."  

We spent the evening, flipping through old pictures of our parents, trying to put together a photo book for their upcoming anniversary.  We laughed a lot, talked.  It was good to take my mind off of things.

That evening, we sat on the couch and drank the wine Emily had brought.  I rested my head against her shoulder and whispered, "I'm not really fine." The tears spilled onto her skin.

"I know."  She kissed me on the head.  "But, you will be."


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