Monday, October 1, 2012

Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly (age 35) is an original member of Celtic Thunder. He is the youngest of three children and grew up in The Moy, a small village in Northern Ireland. Before joining Celtic Thunder, Ryan worked as a chartered accountant, but dabbled in local musical theater and nightlife, even taking a stab at an American Idol-esque show, Country Cool.

With his strong background in theater, Ryan is best known for his highly energetic and theatrical performances in which he brings to life the character of the well-loved Dark Destroyer, as well as for his friendly and charming demeanor.

Ryan has released two solo albums: "In Time" in 2010, and "Life" in 2013.

Songs of Note:

Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Brothers in Arms
Midnight Well
Hunter's Moon
Dearg Doom


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