Monday, October 1, 2012

Emmet Cahill

Emmet Cahill (age 23) has been a member of Celtic Thunder since 2011. Growing up in County Westmeath in Ireland, Emmet is already a highly acclaimed young singer and began vocal training at seven years old.

Emmet auditioned for Celtic Thunder in June 2010 and served as an understudy for the DVD filmings of the Heritage and Christmas CT products. Following the departure of Paul Byrom, Emmet was asked to join Celtic Thunder as a principal singer. Emmet is skilled as a classically-bent performer with a rich voice, showcased in songs like "This Is The Moment," but can also ham it up as seen in "My Irish Molly-O" and "Seven Drunken Nights."

In 2014, Emmet announced his plans to leave Celtic Thunder to pursue his own solo career.

Songs of Note:

This Is The Moment
My Irish Molly-O
The Isle of Innisfree
Always There


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