Monday, October 15, 2012

Beautiful Girl

Did you know that you are beautiful?

Yes, I'm talking to you.

You are.  The way your eyes sparkle when you're excited and the way your smile makes your whole face light up.  You're beautiful.

Oh, I know you don't feel that way some days.  Even most days. You get up and you look in the mirror and you see parts.  You see eyes that are too big and too little defined. You see the acne on your chin that persists in sticking around, even though you're pushing 40. You see the lips that are too thin and which certainly lack that perfect cupid's bow that seems to grace the face of every model in every magazine you've ever read.

But, you only see parts, and never the whole.

I don't see parts.  I see you. And you are beautiful.

On the inside, yes.  But not just on the inside.  That's something we make up when we're trying to make someone feel better, isn't it?  I don't mean "just on the inside," though you are beautiful there, too.  You are beautiful.  Your hair, your eyes, your face, and your heart.

I know you can't see it. You're afraid to see it.  So, I will see it for you until you can.

It will be my secret, this beauty of yours.  And when you are ready to know, come visit me. If you could only see you the way I see you, you would know just how very beautiful you are.

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