Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just Ordinary

What does "making it to the top" mean?

A walk through the check-out aisle of any grocery store might tell you it's being the most sought-after actress or the most talked-about reality TV star. The musician with the most Top 10 Hits or the socialite at the most parties. It might mean being the businessman with the most financial success or the writer with the most books on the New York Times Bestseller list.

These are the things we seek after, the things we prize, the standards we have to get to in order to be successful. Reaching them means we are extraordinary, and oh do we exalt the extraordinary.

But, when did "ordinary" become unwanted and something that we merely settled for?

Ordinary is beautiful.

Ordinary is touching those around us.
It's the simplicity of a kind word.
Or the listening ear.

Ordinary is being happy with where we are at.
Our relationships, our blessings, our struggles.

Ordinary is enjoying the moment.
Stopping to smell the flowers.
Throwing out all the Things to Do just to watch the stars all evening.

More and more, and maybe this is something that comes with age, I find myself reaching for an ordinary life, over that which others would find extraordinary.

My husband's hand at my neck, my children's fingers intertwined with mine.
The happiness of a good book or the healing of music.
Our favorite movie. A night of board games.
Time spend with my dearest friends, a phone call with my mom.

It is now the ordinary which I find extraordinary...

And the extraordinary?  It's simply tired and colorless.


  1. Being content in all things... lovey love

  2. Oh, I want ordinary so bad. I think it's what others have, but they are probably looking for it, too. Of course, I don't think we are any of the extraordinary that you listed, just not terribly normal. ;)


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