Saturday, July 14, 2012

You Searched For What?

To the one who searched for...

In life, don't expect anything from anyone. Then you won't be disappointed.-- The "I've been hurt before" part of me understands this.  But, at the same time, this search made me the saddest of any I've received this month. I understand wanting to keep your expectations low... Not being disappointed seems more attractive than being disappointed. But, hope is a beautiful thing, even hope in others.  Expect good out of people. It's okay.  There will be people who disappoint you.  There will.  But, there will be more people who meet and surpass your hopes. There are more good than not.

It's hard for me to balance a relationship.-- Oh yes, it can be!  Especially when a relationship is new...  You get that ooey-gooey love stuff going on, and it's like a drug, isn't it?  You just want more and more of it, and you leave all the already-established relationships in your life in the dust.  But it absolutely is important to keep balance. To be sure that you're maintaining meaningful contact with your friends and family.  They can see things you can't in your love coma, and it's important to listen.

I will be bigger than you, you cannot defeat me.-- To you, I say "YOU CAN DO IT."  Whatever it is you're facing, you can do it.  Your obstacles are not bigger than your strength.  You absolutely can do it.

Does Les Schwab change headlights?-- NO.  No, they do not.  If you get the guy who succumbs to pitiful female wheedling, they do.  But, if you get the mean grumpy guy, they so don't!

With no phone booths, where does Clark Kent go to change?-- Instant photo booths.

Keith Harkin teeth-- Yes.  He has them.

And the most disturbing of all...

All of them want to shove you in the oven and eat you--  What?  I mean... WHAT? Is your name Hansel or Gretel?  Seriously, RUN AWAY.


  1. insights on a little bit of everything, nice :)

  2. BWAHAHA! Ok my word. That last one is hilarious. HOW do you get such searches find you?? I do not get anything near as exciting and humorous.

    1. I know. I KNOW. What in the world? I cackled with GLEE when I got that one... so funny.

  3. Almost every single one of my visitors find me by searching something like "emerald city of oz."


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