Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trusting in People

I must admit that there is a big part of me who reads this and thinks, "But no. No thank you."  Trusting and believing leads to too much hurt. I have been trusting. I have been believing. And all it's gotten me is a big pile of regret and hurt.  So, there is a part of me that says, "No. We have our walls. We have our fortress, and it would be great if everyone could just stay where they're supposed to stay and not cross the barriers."

But, I know that's not right. I look at the people in my life, the people I love so much, and I know they wouldn't be there if, at some point, I hadn't let down the drawbridge and said, "Okay. You.  You can come in." I wouldn't have those relationships if I hadn't trusted at least a little.

There must be some middle ground.  I've done the part where my philosophy has been "I will trust you until you show me you're not trustworthy, and even then I'll probably forgive you and give you another 14 chances" and that's led to personal hurtful disaster.  And I've done the part where I lock myself in a tower and won't let anyone in, which just leads to loneliness and it's so hard to keep paying the archers to keep everyone out.

There must be a middle ground. I'm working on finding it.

1 comment:

  1. Touch my heart!!! I just unlocked the gate to my tower. I too know the pain of trusting the pain of forgiving. You are so right.... There has to be a middle ground.


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